Hall of Fame

I was, once again, am lacking ideas for today's post.
{I'm lacking brain cells lately... not because I'm doing drugs or something,
just from the general lack of sleep by night & being a Primary School Teacher by day.}

But the oh so lovely Malorie 
pointed me in the right direction.
There's a gazillion,
okay not a gazillion,
but 31 days of fabulous blogging ideas.
I want to respond to all of them in one sitting!
It's like I'm in school again and have writing assignments, 
except way more fun. :)
Keeping up with the Jones',
i.e. all the beautiful bloggers taking on this challenge, 
finds me at today's topic,
The Best of...
or all my FAVORITE posts on this little ole' blog of mine.

This is perfect, 
because I've never really done one of these,
and every one needs a blogging hall of fame, right?

Call me pompous since I wrote all the following, 
but here they are,
my own little Hall of Fame babies. 

That post about that time Zachary called us all jerks for shoving cookies 
in his mouth while he was sleeping.
Chinese Valentine's Day
Tuesday Tidbits
I actually love all of the Tuesday Tidbit Posts.
I just appreciate having posts that seem random but cover our past week. 
Here's a few:
Tuesday Tidbits 1
So long & pictureless {inviting, right?} but from the heart
That attempt I had at starting something weekly on the blog.
It still turned out to be a good compilation of photos from the last few years, though.
Because it's just funny.
Our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary
Take a Tour of our last 3 apartments overseas!

What's your favorite blog posts?
Leave me the link, so I can read it!! 

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