Ya'll, I've Been Rocking Instagram Lately

"Ohhh. Ahhh. A beautiful Instagram collage. So fancy.  I'm definitely going to follow that blog."
Ya'll I know I said all that stuff about Instagram last week, but sometimes I just rock it like all the pros do. I mean, check out the post above. I know there's no hand in there, but the feet make up for it. Catch that nice lighting? Cool/edgy decor? Check. Polished nails? Check. No people around destroying my view? Check. Let's continue.
 Oh look. Beautiful people? Check. Phone in the sunglass reflection? Check. Coordinating looking humans? Check. Nailed it.
Super trendy looking restaurant? Check. Palm trees involved? Check.
Amazing look food? Check. Even better & trendier, brunch? Check!
 But just wait. Right when you think, man she is nailing it, I throw in one of these, a super blurry photos. You know, just to make sure everyone still knows I'm human. But honestly you guys, the above photo is pretty much an indicator of the rest of my Instagram.
 Like the above, where I was advertising my post about our time at the Jimmy Kimmel Show. That's the photo I included. I mean. Really. Come on. Don't you just want to click on that link? Look how good Jimmy looks!
Oh! And then there was that one time, I just used the really nice photos that were preloaded on my Chinese phone. One of our friends in China said, "Weird. I think I have that same picture on my phone." Jerk. J/k Daniel. J/k. I didn't really think anything of it. I wasn't trying to pass them on my own, I was just trying to post beautiful pictures. But then, someone commented "Awesome photo!" And I thought, "shoot! I think she thinks that I took that. That's sort of deceptive." So I never used those photos again. Well, only a few more times. 
The "Awesome photo!" photo.
Also, remember how I said I never figured out that you could save a picture off your blog, on to your phone & then post it? Well, before I figured that out, this was my solution to advertising this post. I took a picture of my computer screen with my phone. But you know, the square box served some issues with the rectangle screen I have on my computer. Also, the box is kind of small, so that was the best I could do to fit it all in. Nice, right? It's amazing I don't have more followers.

And, with all that goodness, you know you'll really be getting good quality photos & pretty things to look at when you follow @TheMosbys13 on Instagram. Follow me ya'll!
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Maximize Your Stitch Fix FIX

A warm-weather weekend indulgence: the park picnic! Be sun-ready & social in a romper with all the picnic fixins’.
Hey there, a few of you may know, but most of you may not know, that I am now a Stitch Fix stylist. Cue the fireworks, confetti & party horns. Working for Stitch Fix is by far one of my favorite jobs ever. It's just so incredibly fun. 
So, I thought I'd write a post on ways to maximize your Stitch Fix now that I know from the inside how the whole process works as a stylist. I won't give away all the secrets but I will share with you what we as stylists are longing to hear from you which is the ways we can style you better! 
Textures, colors and prints, oh my! Loving this pretty spring Fix @spoonfulflavor received.
>> Make requests. <<
Tell us what you want. Have you been eying a pair of white denim on Pinterest? Crazy about the chambray top you saw your favorite celebrity wearing in a magazine? Tell us! We work hard to make our clients happy & get them what they want. 
 >> Tell us about your events.<< 
Tell us what you have coming up in the next month & let us style you for your event. 
>> Let us complete your outfits.<<
Do you have a skirt that you really love but never know what can go with it? Tell us about it & let us pick something for you. 
>> Like A-line dresses? Empire waists? Fit & Flare?  <<
Tell us what kind of dress you like! We want to style you in what makes you feel best. 
>> Have no clue what looks good on you or what you like? Let us know. << 
Tell us & then be open & patient exploring that with us. Let's eliminate what you don't like & send more of style you love. Let's get better at your style & fit together each Fix. 
>> Leave Feedback. <<
Feedback is so incredibly helpful. Tell us what you loved or didn't love about the piece. Tell us what you would change. Tell us what you would keep. Feedback helps us refine your tastes. 
>> Make a style board on Pinterest. <<
Make a board where you faithfully Pin styles & pieces you love. Even better, Pin from the Stitch Fix Pinterest every month so we can stay up to date with what you love at Stitch Fix. 
All photos are taken from the Stitch Fix Pinterest. 
To read more advice see the Stitch Fix blog & read the Stitch Fix 'How to Get Your Best Fix' page.
Are you signed up for Stitch Fix? If not, you can sign up here! I really think that every lady should try it at least once! It's just so fun!
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My Thoughts...While on Instagram

^I know, this is a terrible title. I just couldn't come up with one better.
For the sake of not being rude to Insta-grammers whom I love & who take tons of time to post their beautiful pictures every day, I won't put "examples" of each point. But if you've spent enough time on Instagram, I don't think you really need examples. Chances are you see what I'm talking about & ask the same questions daily. Chances also are that your Instagram is probably heck-a beautiful. I think I'm the only one who hasn't figured this out yet! 
"Where do all these bloggers get all the white surfaces/backgrounds?" 
I've tried it all. White sheets. White paper. White shirts. Nothing works. How is it that all these bloggers have like beautiful white, non scratched surfaces in their house?! I just realized the other day that we have a white cutting board. I will most definitely be trying to photograph my next vase of flowers & gold staplers on it. 
"What's with all the hands?" 
You know what I'm talking about. There's a nice drink & a hand. There's a new notebook & a hand. There's some flowers & a hand. It's like tons of pictures of floating hands. You may have never noticed before but trust me you'll see them now. And you know the worst part? It looks good. Especially the nicely polished fingers hands. The other day, I took this photo, and it clicked in my head that I should have put a hand in it! AND for the one day in 365 days a year, I actually had my nails painted. AND it was a dark grey. So trendy. I know. 
"What are their jobs?!" 
I'll tell you what their  jobs are, taking photos of stuff, posting it on Instagram & having lots of followers who don't know them, like me, question, "How is their life so perfect? How do they have the perfect painted nails?" and so on. And they get paid for it. Amazing. To be fair, I think more of the Instagram-ers whose pics I oogle over, have legit jobs. I know they work hard at what they do. Just because your job is online & involves social media & lots of free stuff, doesn't mean you don't work for it. They probably put in way over 40 hours a week.
"Where do Fashion bloggers get all those clothes!?" 
Seriously. Fashion bloggers have an insane amount of amazing clothes. Not just clothes either. Bags, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses. Everything. I know they get free stuff but THAT much free stuff? Enough to fill every pic, every day with different pieces? It's insane. Also, why can't we have a tour of their closets? Fashion bloggers, please?! 
"How are fashion bloggers so in shape?" 
Like seriously. 
  I have a lot of questions in the realm of fashion bloggers, since let's be real, their lives seem the most unrelatable. (one fashion blogger I follow, who I started following just a few years ago when she had a very small following & was just a normal person, had a pic of her getting in a jet for the weekend. A jet. Like I say-most unrelatable.)
"Do they have profesh photographers follow them around all the time?" 
They must. 
"Why is their spouse never in their pictures?" 
Am I the only one that thinks about this? I guess there are tons of bloggers who have their own personal blogs that promotes them mostly. But you'd think you'd see pictures of their spouses sometimes, right? 
"How do you guys get all your pictures in the same beautiful color palette?!" 
Seriously. How do they do this? It's like things that usually wouldn't coordinate, suddenly coordinate. Some of these ladies can make a pineapple picture in one post match & coordinate with chickens in the next. It's insane. 
"How do you have such good quality pictures....from your phones?!" 
It took me ages to figure out & lots of google searches, that you could copy a picture from your blog & save it to your phone, then post it to Instagram. But is everyone doing that all the time? Their pictures are never grainy! Never out of focus! Do they ever just snap a picture with their phone & post it? Or do they take the time to upload pictures from their phone, copy & save on their phone, then post it? 
That's all I got today. Trust me, there's so much more that goes through my head as I scroll through the feed of beautiful, happy pictures, one after the other. I love it. I just wish I could emulate it. 
What are your thoughts/ponderings while you are on Instagram? 
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Celebrities & Their Instagrams

^^Lauren Conrad's ridiculously beautiful Instagram page^^

Unless you're Lauren Conrad or Martha Stewart, okay, Reese Witherspoon's is pretty good too, it seems that you don't care about making your Instagram all color coordinate-y & beautiful. 
Lauren Conrad's page. How, oh how, is it this beautiful, feminine & color coordinated?

 : Let's look at a few examples, shall we? :

Mariah Carey's Instagram. You'd think she was just a normal lady taking a picture with her kiddos before they go to school. There's not even a filter on this one. You would never know she's a multi platinum artist. (I have no idea what she actually is as far as records sold. Multi platinum just sounded good.)

Ricky Gevais. You would never EVER know from his Instagram that he was actually a successful writer, comedian & actor. In fact, you'd think he was a crazy person. Stars, they're just like us.

Selena Gomez. No filters. A little grainy. A person photo bombing. So relatable. She just looks like your average 16 year old. I know she's not 16 you guys but doesn't she look like it? She's precious but she forever looks like she's still on Wizards of Waverly Place.

Oh look, it's Kristin Cavallari's famous husband, Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears quarterback & their kid. They're in the teacups. How cute! No filters & shadows. Totally normal. Again, stars, their just like us!

I must say that the Blog world/Fashion World/Retail World you guys rock the Instagram pretty- picture world. There's lots of worlds going on.

The Stitch Fix Instagram is always beautiful. Oh, hey, you should click here & sign up for StitchFix!

What are your takes on celebrities Instagrams? Who do you follow?
Also, get ready, because for some reason, I wrote 3, 3 posts having to do with Instagram today! Get excited. I know, you can't contain it. post signature


Chara Takes Texas Bluebonnets

What says Texas more in nature than bluebonnets? Okay, and rattlesnakes & oak trees & big blue skies, but also, bluebonnets. Every year the highways are lined with them & it's a sight to see. They're beautiful. Though I've grown up with this beautiful flower my whole life, I'm still intrigued by it's details & color. I knew, for our first Spring back in Texas in 4 years, we had to take some bluebonnet pics. In light, of the 4th coming up & all the red, white & blue that will fill our nation that day, I give you some more white & blue. :) 

 We try so hard to get her looking directly at the camera, it just doesn't work. 
So we'll settle for a snuggle bear pic & side glance.
 Also, group selfie pictures with the dog just don't work. Either she's cut out, we're cut out, or we have to awkwardly force her to put her head up.
But when Zachary's taking the picture, Chara's all smiles & of course, looking at him. It's precious to see the way she watches him. Sometimes, I just watch her watching him. It's cute the way her head goes back & forth as he walks by.
 Forced weird snuggles.
She loves running around free in nature! So many smells & new things to see.
 I know, I know, there's so many pictures. I just love them. She's so happy. :) It was a good day.
Isn't it idyllic? 
 A white blue bonnet. An albino blue bonnet?
 Chara loves following Justin around because he goes off the path & explores & finds new things, like a discarded Christmas tree. haha.
 Sometimes I have the patience to take good photos. I never seem to have the patience to edit them, though. And also, I don't really ever have patience to take good photos. I'm pretty sure I just used the macro-auto setting.
 Rasberries! There's a whole field of rasberry bushes behind my parents neighborhood. Justin gathered a huge bowl of them this Spring, they now sit in our freezer waiting to be made into something delicious.
 "Let's go Chara!!" "Here, I come guys!" Hehe.
Do you usually take bluebonnet photos with your family or pets? If so, don't be scared to post them a season later! ;)
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