Why You Should Judge Me

I took this picture of my self while laying on the floor.
My forehead is boasting some nice pimples in this picture.
But I still like it.
I have a golden retriever, roll around with her, and still wear black almost every day.
I rarely use a lint brush.
My roots are like 6 inches long.
I let my dog lick my face.
I have to do double takes for "your" and "you're" to figure out which one is right in a post.
I recently posted about my dead fish, and referred to his bowl as his "bowel" about 12 times.
I watch The Office reruns almost every day.
I have a mug on my desk that says "My Mom My Friend" 
I pick my split ends & sometimes want to keep the hairs with 15+ splits.
I have split ends.
My arms are much jigglier these past 6 months.
I've felt less self hate this past year, despite the statement above.
I still struggle with self hate.
I'm blogging while on the clock.
I do blog posts with a gazillion pictures of my dog.
I make in appropriate comments all the time.
I love, love, love Jesus.
I quite literally think my husband is the best husband in the world.
I want to read L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad real bad.
I look up "sea creatures" and the "strangest animals in the world" quite regularly. 
I used to look up & check out books about crop circles & the Loch ness Monster.
I'm pretty much obsessed with Harry Potter.
I get obsessed with things easily.
I love change.
I have an anxiety disorder.
I live in China but complain about never traveling.
I could sleep everyday for 12+ hours if I didn't have a job.
I love running.
I stopped labeling my posts a long, long time ago.
 I really want to go to this Island, Socotra, and will probably blog about it in the near future.
I shamelessly stole this idea from one of my favorite blogs Living in Yellow

What can I judge love you for today?

Because really that's what all this is, right?
All those little quirks that make you "you," make life with you more interesting, 
or are just part of your story & how God is molding you.
I'd rather love those things than judge them. 
But that's just me. Go ahead and judge me for all the things above. 
Okay. okay. Please love me. ;)


Catherine said...

That's cute!

Avery said...

I just love you! And I love your quirks.

Indisposable Mama said...

I love this! You made me laugh out loud a couple times (bowels.). And while I don't confuse your and you're, I do have to mentally do the Pledge of Allegiance to remember which hand is my right.

lost in travels said...

still love you even with all your little quirks! (because you'd do the same...right?! ; )

chalayn said...

We've talked a lot about how our dogs would get along and should be best friends, but I think we've forgotten to obsess (see, I'm trying to relate to you here) about how much we'd get along! :)

No judgment here but your misspelling of "bowl" is really, really funny. ;)

Monique McCray-Alexander said...

Quite the quirky one. :-) Love it!

Who is that girl Mo?

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Okay, the scorpion and dog-licking is a little strange. But, other than that, no judging here :) Love you and this post!

April @ 100lb Countdown said...

What is there to judge? Sounds like a beautiful woman to me!

Just a hint... if you can replace "you are" in the sentence, then use "you're", if not, use "your".

Stopping by from Aloha Friday Blog Hop.

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