Tuesday Tidbits

We're half way through another Tuesday! Fun that when I write these most of you still have a whole Tuesday to go! 
Next Tuesday we'll have started back working! So the week ahead is officially, our last week of vacation! We've been trying to make the most of it! 

Before I get to Tuesday Tidbits, can I just take a moment to show you how precious my little sister is getting! She's 7 months now! 
 Ya. I know. Adorable, right?!
She poses like this! What a ham!

Okay! On to Tuesday Tidbits!
We had a busy week, full of lots of fun to show you!
  • Wednesday Zachary went with our friend, Rob, to pick up Matt from the airport. Matt is from Rhode Island and here in Qingdao for a graduate program. Then we went out to eat and took Matt walking around for Matt's first day in China! 
Matt and Rob.
We found a food truck near May 4th Square.
 We spent some time watching the water. 
Marrick and Jessica came down to meet us. Marrick met a friend! They were taking turns pushing the stroller around. 
  •  Thursday was Chinese Valentine's day, which I blogged about earlier. We had a great time relaxing and watching the Chinese lanterns at the square. 
  • Friday I went to coffee with a new friend and that night Zachary surprised me with dinner, dessert and flowers!
  •  Saturday Zachary was paid to be in a commercial for an architecture company. In the commercial he was the foreign architecture. Ya, that's right, he's famous. :)
Zachary and the director.
  • Saturday night we had a progressive dinner with Matthias, because he was leaving in a few days. We went to the Sitting Bull for a beer (they have the best beer), The Diner (next to May 4th Square) for burgers and pizza and Cafe Street for dessert. 
  • We've been trying to save money by taking the bus. After church Sunday we took the bus downtown. This was our view while waiting for it. 
 The ocean. :)
 Waiting for bus 317.
  • Because we couldn't get enough of Matthias before he left, we had dinner with him again Sunday night. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, sat at Starbucks and listened to a concert and walked around Marina City.
 This is all of us crying because we don't want Matthias to go!
 Matthias we have loved getting to know you and spending time with you! We will miss you terribly but hold out hope that we're going to visit you and Linda in Germany!!! :) Thanks for teaching us about pig farming. haha. And for making us laugh.
We love you brother!
  • Oh! Did I mention Amber had a baby Thursday!!?! Happy Birthday Violet!! We are so excited your in the world! We love you already! {No pictures yet!}
  • Chara enjoyed some fresh veggies this week. :) 

What have you done this week?

Hope you guys have a wonderful Tuesday! 


Carolyn said...

What a great week! The sights are beautiful. Food and fellowship with friends priceless! So glad you two have settled in and had fun and relaxing times before going to work. Love the flowers from your sweet hubby. Absolutely priceless picture of Chara. Awesome Zachary had an opportunity to be a movie star. Both of you could be!!! Not kidding!!! :)))

Our week is good. Sophie stood alone for twelve seconds as I am writing this. Of course, grandpa is right there to catch her. She understands so many instructions that we give her now. She is precious and the two pictures you included are my favorites.

Tomorrow is the UT distribution for Gpa and Gideons. 7000 New Testaments to be given out as students pass by these 19 men. Awesome!

I begin one of two studies tomorrow night. Chronological study of entire Bible. Excited! BSF. Begins early September. Glad for the discipline that will be required.

Have a wonderful week. Know you are excited about school starting. Praying for a wonderful school year. Love you very much. Grandma. Carolyn

Catherine said...

OH MY GOODNESS... Your sis is gorgeous!!! What beautiful eyes!!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I see people's posts about how much fun they have and I realize I need to explore and get a more exciting life. This looks so fun.

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