I know, I know. I have a sometimes, unhealthy Starbucks obsession. But I will say that Zachary helps balance me out. 
I will say though that Zachary and I have noticed that Starbucks is just apart of us.
 It’s more than just a coffee shop to us. 

The corporation bashing part of me is ashamed to say it. 
But it’s true and honest, and God knows my heart. J

Living overseas we have found that Starbucks is consistent. 
The furniture, décor, product, merchandise, the food, the feel, the communal, yet professional feel, the baristas, they are all consistent. 
It feels like home, when we walk in.

There is not many physical things that are so consistent as Starbucks in other places.
Not only is it consistent and feels like home to us, but it is also a place where the Lord continuously blesses us with good, I mean really good, conversations.
We don’t even ask for it but we always meet amazing people, talk for hours, and feel more filled with purpose when we leave.

It’s a place that ignites our hearts for more of the Father.
It’s a place that warms our bellies with delicious coffee and desserts, with good desserts, I mean delicious, in countries that don’t cook with butter, and have often times, strange tasting pastries.

It’s a place of rest for us, too.
It's where we love to take our journals and sit for hours pondering the Lord, His word & how He's working in our lives. 

Starbucks Corporation, feel free to give us some money for all this name dropping.

Oh! But I will say, 
"Starbucks, what the heck! Why is there no pumpkin spice lattes overseas!!! " 

Heather’s Beverages of Choice, depending on the mood:
Iced Venti Decaf Coffee No Water
one cream
Non fat, sugar free Green Tea Latte
Brewed coffee, in a for-here mug.
Never a mocha.

Zachary’s Beverages of Choice, depending on the mood:
Brewed coffee, in a for-here mug.
Cappuccino, with extra foam.
Green tea cream frappacinno 

What's your beverage of choice?

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