Mark's 31st Birthday

IMG_4805Zachary's college roommate turned 31 just a week or so after Zachary. His beautiful wife threw him a fun surprise party and we were invited! We were thrilled to be able to help celebrate him and be apart of the surprise! Halley, Mark's wife, had him blindfolded and clueless as to what his evening would entail. She had already given him a fun-filled week of surprises so "surely he wouldn't be on his way to a surprise party," he must have been thinking!
Haley and the host, Leslie, (who in a small world coincedence just happened to be the same Leslie I went to school with since Elementary school!) decorated the house with a fun foot ball theme, had pictures of Mark up and made adorable DIY lawn games for everyone to play. 
Haley drove up with Mark in the car and we all waited outside for them. As he opened the door, we all stood super quiet until he reached up to take off his blindfold. We then, of course, let out a loud "Surprise!" He was very surprised and full of smiles.
Thirty-One! Whoop, Whoop!
The girls had also set up a Photo booth which we made great use out of!
We took our pics with our phones, which made for some blurry photos, but you get the gist.
Mark was one of Zachary's best men at our wedding and is one of those "life" friends for Zachary. In college, people always said that they looked like brothers. Do you see it?
In the back yard, in addition to some fun yard games, they also set up and little S'mores bar with unique chocolate substitutes like Reeses Cups or Mint Patties. IMG_4807After snacking on some delicious sliders, S'mores and utilizing the photo booth, everyone funneled there way to the backyard and we played several rounds of "Psychologist." It was awesome and we couldn't stop laughing. It made me feel like I was in college again, in a good way. 
Happy Birthday, Mark! post signature


Sebastian's 2nd Birthday

This cuteness is my nephew, Sebastian! Isn't he adorable? His cute-ness level just went up a billion when he got glasses a few months ago. Is there anything cuter than a toddler in glasses?! He's already broken several pair but is getting used to them and doing great. Sebastian turned two in September and we were so excited to help celebrate his birthday! He's obsessed with Mickey Mouse so my sister's grandparents made him an adorable Mickey Mouse cake. We got some fun bunting, plates and napkins and called it a party!
Chara was a diligent cupcake watcher, making sure no one dropped one. She's very helpful.
We had friends and family over to my parent's house to celebrate. For lunch, everyone brought a dish and we noshed on BBQ and the some Texas sides like potato salad and Mac and Cheese. 
After lunch, we lit Sebastian's birthday candle to sing Happy Birthday. He was so cute, dancing to the song and clapping! It was a great day to celebrate this sweet boy. 
We love you Sebastian! post signature
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