This Beauty Walked the Stage

Zachary's fantastically lovely sister, Brittany
Graduated on Sunday, on Mother's Day.
The best Mother's Day present ever to his momma, I'm sure!
We are so very proud of her!
She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington.

And guess what, ya'll? 
She graduated with honors! 
She's heck-a smart and we are so very proud of her!

And so,
in honor of her graduation,
this post will be all things Brittany & 10 of the gazillion reasons why we love her.

1. She's hilarious.
Seriously you guys, she will make you laugh. She does the BEST impersonations!

2. She's fun.
She's full of life. She loves to laugh and has the most gorgeous smile.

3. Her eyes quite possibly could be the inspiration for a Disney Princess.
Not that we're all about the looks or something, but we do love how gorgeous God has made her.
4. She's thoughtful.
Brittany loves giving gifts & she's great at it. She will always give you something that makes you feel extra loved & thought of.
5. She's cool.
I mean she knows all things football & can hold her own in any football convo.
I think that's cool. :)

6. She's a loyal friend.
This girl will stick by your side & love you through thick and thin. 
7. She speaks her mind
which is awesome. Because we love hearing her thoughts & ideas.
She's not afraid to speak out against the norm 
and it's refreshing.

8. She has a soft heart. 
Besides all that gift giving, and loyal friend stuff, she is incredibly compassionate.
She loves others & seeks to be a blessing to those in need.
Just another gifty from my sisty.

9. She knows how to relax.
This girl knows how to chill. 
I envy that.  
The best part about this is that her relaxed, chilled spirit is contagious.
Being around her makes you feel more relaxed & easygoing. 
This cake has nothing to do with her being easy going, but I thought you should also know, 
she can bake and decorate a mean cake!

10. She's creative. 
She always makes things more beautiful.
Just one of her many creations.

Now you know a little bit about how awesome of a sister we have!
Congratulations Brittany! 
We are so proud of you!

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