Blogging Resources: How to Grow Your Blog

How to Grow Your Blog
from Bloggers like You!

I know I've asked this question tons of times before,
How can I grow my blog?!
How do they grow their blog?
You know those blogs that seem to gain 100 followers a day?!
How do they do it?
If you've asked these questions before, this post is for you!

I know it's been said before but I'll say it again,
Amazing content keeps readers coming back and back for some more.
What do you love about the blogs you read most often?
Probably their content!

But what if your already have amazing content, 
how do you get your blog out there to be read and gain readership?

I also asked my sidebar ladies a few awesome bloggers their tips on how to 'grow your blog'! 
{'my side bar ladies' doesn't sound so good!}
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"My best advice to grow your blog is to get connected! This blogging world is full of amazing bloggers and developing friendships with other bloggers makes the experience so much more enjoyable! Also, take advantage of link parties, giveaways, advertising and swapping. The key to growing your blog is to let as many people as possible KNOW about your blog! These are great ways to do that and you can spend as much or as little money (or even none at all!) in the process!" -Chelsea

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"My main goal in blogging is really related to inspiration, encouragement and developing relationships. I have been a part of giveaways and have seen my numbers grow as a result. But, to find readers, instead of followers, is my goal. Sponsoring other blogs and commenting, with genuine and encouraging words, on the many blogs I follow have helped me establish a connection with other bloggers and readers alike." -Sybil

"I am constantly experimenting with different methods to grow and maintain my readership.  This includes participating in linkups, ad swapping and swapping guest posts.  A few of my favorite link ups are: Oh How PinterestingHive Five for Fridays and Weekend Roundup . I am always trying to look for blogs similar to mine with a focus on travel, being a new wife and expat and living life.  But then, once you bring your blog to light of potential readers, it's important to have content there to greet new readers. As I focus on growing my blog I try to write original content that is true to the purpose of my blog at least 2-3 times a week. " -Belinda

And there you have it friends a few tips on 'how to grow your blog' from bloggers like you!

What is your best advice for growing your blog?


Navin Menon said...

All very usefull tips thank you very much for posting about this topic.


Analilia said...

It's hard to get readers vs. followers, especially when you are a small time blogger like me. Thank you for the tips :)

Ride The Spiral

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

This turned out great! :)

Jessie said...

Great tips! It's important to me that you pointed out the focus on readers not followers. I value the relationships I've made with my readers as well as the connection I have with other bloggers. It's the reason I keep blogging!

Then I Laughed

April Robert said...

Thank you Belinda for the link up ideas. Does anybody have some more link up recommendations? Preferably one where I can write whatever content I want.

Melody said...

I found you on the Aloha Friday blog hop. Love this article. New follower! :)

Natashalh said...

Great advice! I've been working on growing my blog and I agree that getting social is an absolute must. Unfortunately for me, I moved my blog recently (just as I was starting to see traffic!) and lost a few (okay, a lot!) folks. Better now than later when the damage would be worse, I suppose.


Crystal Barnes said...

I am pretty new to blogging so I appreciate you taking the time to put advice out there for people like me.

Ruth Hill said...

I have joined several blogging communities, and we do a lot of reciprocal commenting, and it has made a huge difference in my numbers. However, content it king, as far as I'm concerned. And I found a daily feature that people really like and can't be found elsewhere--This Day in History. It has done a lot for my blog, and people really love it.

Following you from Aloha Friday.

Mary Qin said...

I've definitely been learning the same lessons, but I still find it challenging to get readers coming back since my interests are so varied. I can't help it!

It's also hard to find similar blogs - everyone seems to be so good with design and fashion and beauty, or they're travelers, photographers, moms... and I rarely fit any of these. But hey I'm liking your blog already because you live in my motherland. :)

~Mary Q.
((little fat notebook))

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