Chinese Valentine's Day

So apparently August 23rd is Chinese Valentine's Day! 

We had no idea but after a few well wishes for Valentine's Day, we figured it out. :) 

We had dinner last night at Jessica's to say 'See you later!,' (her and Marrick are going to Bangkok for two weeks for visa renewals! We'll miss them terribly!) and to eat some delish mac and cheese. 

Jessica lives right next to May 4th Square, the famous square and landmark in Qingdao, where they were having some Valentine's festivities last night. 
Zachary and I decided to walk over to the square to check it out. 

The square is beautiful, especially at night. It overlooks the water, where you can see other parts of the city lit up, and the big red tornado is lit up at night, making a great view. (We only had our small camera so we didn't get any great shots! We'll have to go back one night with the good camera and try to capture it for you.) 

Tonight it was especially beautiful because people were letting off Chinese lanterns. 
They are just gorgeous in the sky! They look like big balls of red fire floating lazily into the air and  over the water, its beautiful. I wish there was a way for you all to be there and experience it for yourself! Hint. Hint. Come visit!
We sat on a bench and watched the lanterns for a while and watched all the couples walking by. It was sweet and relaxing. A little bit of unexpected Valentine's romance in August. :) 
 A lady was selling cotton candy! It tasted like honey. 
Lady in the Tramp, Chinese Valentine's Day style. :)
Who's that mysterious girl behind the cotton candy???

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day! 

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shelly said...

How exciting and unexpected !! What a wonderful night!! Its like a gift to yall!! So you said you walked there how far away is it? Have you seen Tangled? I love all the pictures even if the are with the bad camera!! Wish I could come over!! I love you so much!!

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