The Cutest thing Ever

Hey Sweet Friends & Family,
I have a request today.
Could you please pray for my grandpa, who is having lung surgery tomorrow?
Pray for the surgery & the recovery. 
Pray that he feels God's nearness, love and comfort.
Pray for God to heal him quickly.
Pray that he feels loved and not alone in this.

Thank you so very much.
I so appreciate you!

On a happier note than surgeries, 
can I just show you the cutest thing in the world?!
Chara with shoes on.
Ridiculously adorable, right?
If you think this is precious, imagine watching her walk, run and play in them!

Something cute, but not nearly as cute as Chara.
You know how in the States, little girls just love to get easy bake ovens?!
Well, at least the little girls of my generation did.
Well, in China. I imagine some little kids are dying to have this.
An Easy Bake Chinese Dumpling Maker
How hilariously, cute is that?
So, all those little Chinese love-bugs can make dumplings, just like their mommy!
Love it.

That's all today friends.
My phone keeps turning on and off. On and off. Over and over and over.
So, that means, according to Z, 
I get an I-Phone this weekend!
This has nothing to do with why this post is so short, 
but I just thought you should probably know.

you should probably know that my one class I have on Thursdays, which forces me to come in the full day, even though I have one class, since I am a full time teacher,
was moved from today to yesterday. {run on sentence much?}
Which means, my whole day today get's to consist of sitting at Starbucks, 
doing what I love to do best.
Drinking coffee& spending time with Jesus.

And now this a normal length post.

Bye now.
Thank you for your prayers!
Come back tomorrow for an update of how awesome my Papa is doing, God willing, 
and Chinesisms Part 2!



Ruthie Hart said...

OMG those dog shoes are HILARIOUS! We need a video of Chara in them!

chalayn said...

CHARA!!!! I love you, Chara. You and your little red shoes.

The Brayn of Chalayn

Follow the Ruels said...

Oh my...I think we need to see a video of Chara and he new shoes! All I can think of is "Kitten Mittens" from It's Always Sunny!

Natalie Hinkley said...

Those shoes are so funny and cute!!! I so want one of those dumpling makers, I can never get the ones I attempt to stay closed, lol!
*Praying for your Grandpa!

Chelsea Phelps said...

Those shoes are perfect! Cutest thing ever! Praying your grandpa is doing well and recovering!

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