Runography: Chaing Mai Country Side Unedited

Yesterday, Zachary and I enjoyed a run through some Chiang Mai country side. It was gorgeous, quiet and refreshing. We loved every second of it and I feel so inspired to start running again. God has made such beauty! I am so thankful for this time of rest, to see all the beauty He's placed around us! Since editing pictures is much ma fan, I didn't. So, here are a few pictures of our run, unedited. Enjoy! 
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Bangkok Day 3 & 4

Day 3 of our time in Bangkok included tons of rest at our hotel. We loved our hotel in Bangkok, the Ibis Riverside. It is directly on the river, with lounge chairs next to the water to enjoy the view. It's perfect for relaxing. With 4 years or so of teaching under our belt & 0 extended vacations in the past 4 years, relaxing is our main priority on this trip.
Towards the end of the day, the hotel started setting up for a party, it was great to see all the Thais arriving with presents and excited about the party. The two Thai parties we saw while staying at the Ibis certainly didn't lack the Asian party staple, a microphone and balloon arches.
We spent the majority of the day relaxing riverside, enjoying more delicious Thai food and taking walks along our little street.
 Thai Pork Salad
 Green Chicken Curry
 Pork Noodles, amazing and SO cheap!
We tried out our new comfy, matching Thai pants.  If only these were stylish everywhere! They're so comfortable.
Zachary enjoying a coconut icecream sandwich, which is a bun with some jam in the middle, coconut ice cream filled inside and drizzles with condensed milk. I didn't try it but he said it was amazing. 
Day 4 our sweet friend Jessica and her son Marrick, who were also in Bangkok, came over to our hotel for some Riverside relaxing & playing in the pool
After having some snacks we all headed across the river by boat to an awesome, upscale night market, Asiatique. 
Marrick saying, "Cheeeeese" while crossing the river via the coolest form of  public transportation- a boat!
Beautiful Jessica.
Waiting for our next boat.
Once we arrived at Asiatique we quickly found an outdoor resturant with live music and craft beers for dinner. It didn't take Marrick long to get cozy with a bag of chips and Barney & Friends on the computer.
I tried quite possibly the best cider ever, Mango cider. Delicious! Jessica got the local Chang beer while Zachary enjoyed his favorite beer, that we haven't found in China, Sapporo.
We had a great time with Jessica and Marrick and loved being able to hang out with them in Thailand! Having friends along the way always makes things more fun!

Day 5 we checked out the ridiculously huge Chatuchak and day 6 we headed to Chiang Mai! 
Can't wait to blog more about our days and more of the details to each of these awesome things we've been able to do & experience!

Currently we are in Chiang Mai and loving every second. We've had such a fantastic time the last three days at our resort and are sad to leave, and move in town tomorrow. But there's lots more to look forward to in Chiang Mai coming up for us!
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Bangkok Glimpses: Day 1 & 2

Day 1 Food: Mango, yogurt, coffee and a banana nutella crepe for breakfast! Pad Thai and Thai Iced Coffee for lunch! We were stuffed from the big plate of Pad Thai at lunch so we decided to skip dinner Day 1. Good thing, because Day 2 held way too much food!

Day One included a Khlong Canal tour, being scammed by a "helpful" Thai guy at the Grand Palace, that we didn't get to see because it was "closed", Temples, Khaosan Road and relaxing by the pool. 
Don't worry I will blog about each thing, with more photos and fun details later on. For now, we'll give you glimpses of each day while we're here! Enjoy!


Day Two was filled with an early morning start and hour and a half  journey to the Damneon Floating Market, Thai massages, a "tailored suit" visit to help our taxi driver get free gas coupons, lots of walking and exploring and of course, more Thai food!

Stirfried clams  & oysters with egg batter, pad thai, sticky rice and mango, tom yum soup, fish and egg, chicken and coconut soup, cashew chicken, and egg roll type things
Day 3 included lots of relaxing at our hotel, our local street, and lounging riverside! Day 4 was spent meeting up with friends and exploring the trendy Asiatique Night Market! Today, we're off to the famous & ginormous Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is spread over 30+ acres! Yikes! Wish us luck!
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