Cribs: A Vlog Link Up

Hey friends! The day is finally here.
The day I get to see in to all of your homes. :) 
That's really why I made this link up, you know. 
Because I wanted tours of all your casa's. 

And I know our family is dying to see ours. 
So, I give you, The Mosby's Apartment, in Qingdao.
**Yes, my hair is in terrible need of being highlighted. But living in China, I have yet to find a place that won't die my hair orange. And so, the roots stay. My roots are not, however, as dark as they look in this video. 
***Isn't Chara precious? She listens to Zachary way better than she does me. 
**Sorry that this video is so ridiculous. Ha! We tried a few times, so this last take, we just didn't care. And so, you have a very real life of Heather and Zachary. 
***Sorry for the bad lighting!! 

And if you just can't get enough. 
You can check out our apartment in Dongying, here. 

And our apartment in Korea, here. 
Don't forget to link-up your Cribs house tours below!
I can't wait to watch them!

Hey Ladies! 
We can't wait to see your house tours! 
All you have to do is:

follow your host & Co hosts via GFC,  

Jessica @ JMN Way (co-host)
Kelly @ Eyes on the Source (co-host)

Link your video, 
& let the movie watching begin! 

Don't forget to comment on others videos and let them know where you're coming from! 

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Amanda Reed said...

Love the vlogs! Does Zachary not have a closet? :)

Kelly Burtelson said...

That was so fun! Can't wait to watch some more! ~Kelly

Blubtrflygrl said...

Just watched with my 4-year-old who kept saying "Look at the dog. What a funny dog!".

Thanks for letting us get a small look into your world :).

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out!!! haha you two make me smile!!!

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