The Mosby's Bizarre Foods Parts 1-3


Thomas said...

Zach you crack me up.

- Thomas

Anonymous said...

Hey guys your are crazy. Dad mosby said to tell heather she needs to take bigger bites, we are having fun watching both of yours expressions.
Great job love you both and hope you don't get sick.
Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

This is better entertainment than Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods shown on Food Network! We are impressed at your experiences with food, even if you are not quite sure what it is! Keep the videos coming. We love it, and you both. Grandma and Grandpa Canizales..

Anonymous said...

That was so funny!! You guess crack me up!! Jeff, Justin and I watched the videos together and laughed and laughed!! Can't wait for more videos!! I Love and miss you both so much!!
Love Cita

michael v. said...

okay that was the most funniest and discusting thing i've seen in a while. Zach u tha man! i was feeling discusted all the way :)

miss you guys!
Mike v.

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