Tuesday Tidbits

Man the weeks are just rushing by! Crazy that it's already another Tuesday!

I loved reading some of your responses to my questions last week. So, I thought I'd ask a few more. :)

What was the most memorable game/activity you played while in school? (I need teaching ideas! :)  )

What have you done this week? Anything exciting?

We had a great week this past week. Lots to share with you!
  • Zachary's been working the past month at a school in downtown Qingdao, to make a little extra money before school starts. He's teaching adults which he really enjoys since he can have real conversations with them. He's even met some new friends.Here's two pics of inside the school.
  • Saturday we went to Qingdao's top tourist attraction, Lao Shan. Lao Shan is a beautiful mountain in Qingdao along the sea. We'll blog more about our trip but here's a few pictures for you to see now. 

Matthias (Not Zach. He looks like Zach a little bit there, huh?) and I doing a jumping pic! 
  • We also attended Qingdao's most famous event of the year, the Qingdao Beer Festival. It's like a giant carnival with lots of beer. We'll tell you more about it later. :) We're not for getting drunk but we do enjoy a cold beer every now and then and this was a great place to have one.  

  • Flowers from the hubs this week. :) 
  • It's been raining a lot in Qingdao these days. The other day  I went grocery shopping and had to take my shoes off and walk home in the pouring rain. It was lovely. By the time I got home I was dripping wet, though.

  •  It's also been quite hot and humid which mean these start popping out. I was happy to catch a photo of a common sight in China, a Chinese man's belly sticking out! Chinese men, usually the ones with big beer bellies (this guy was quite slim compared to the usual belly views) pull their shirts up over their bellies like so, to keep cool. Every where we go this summer we see men doing this. It's quite funny.
  •  Chara is too cute. I know we've shown some of you before on Skype but I caught a picture of Chara turning her head when we say, "Take her out." It's adorable. She cocks her head right and left every time we say this and "Are you hungry?" Smart girl.
  •  It's a problem for me that when I am not working I spend too many night of the week doing one of my favorite things to do, baking! It's a bad hobby. But honestly relaxes me. And Zachary likes it. :) Tonight I made snicker doodles. Surprisingly, I haven't gained any weight this summer. God's being gracious to me. :) But poor Zach's picked up 6 kilos. (Don't worry guys. This kid stops eating sweets for two days and looses it all.) 
Wish you guys were all here to enjoy them. Here's the recipe I used. I highly recommend it! I added a tbs of vanilla to the mix and used 3 tsp of baking powder in leu of the cream of tarter.
  • I have fallen in love with swimming! I don't have any pictures but the past two weeks I've gone swimming with some of my lady friends. We've been swimming at this super nice hotel. This week after the girls left I stayed and did a workout, took a long shower, and went to the spa for a head massage! Amazing! Zachary and I are thinking about getting a pool membership for the year. It's so relaxing to me. And seems to be a new way of rest for me.
  • We met with a Chinese teacher this week. So, we will start meeting with her 1-2 times a week starting next week. Ya! for learning more Chinese!
  • We took advantage of the half off rib night again with Josh and Matthias! Yum.

Happy Tuesday everyone! We love you guys! Wish you were here!


shelly said...

I love Tuesday Tidbits!! Love hearing about your week! Hope you can keep it up when school starts! I love swimming too! I find it really relaxing also ! The flowers Zach got you are beautiful! I love the pictures on the mountain! Can't wait to see more!!

Carolyn said...

Loving Tuesday Tidbits! Beautiful pictures of the places you've been and things you have done. So thankful for your new friends. Love and miss you two, but so wonderful to see your smiles! :) Our week has been busy and good. Enjoying Sophie so much. Not sure what we ever did without her here!! Love you so much. Take care and stay well and happy. Grandma Carolyn

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