Loving the Beauty

We are spending our time
 trying to soak up these days of Spring & flowers galore
because we know they're quickly fading!
Just some spring watermelon in the park with my dog & my boo.

The sweat above my upper lip points to the unavoidable fact that summer is drawing near.
But while Spring is still in season, we are continuing to love it by taking walks & pictures of flowers. :)

I sweat on my upper lip, among other "normal" places.
It's crazy, sexy hot. I know.
I'm pretty sure that the upper lip sweat is what really drew Zachary to me.
Anyone else have this problem gift? 
Just a man & his dog, 
next to a fantastically beautiful tree!
The green is poking through these days, soon, they'll just be plain, boring, green trees. ;)
Just playin' tree.
Green trees are lovely, too.
Spring makes me feel thankful.
How can you not feel extra thankful in Spring,
with all the sunshine, flowers & cool breezes?
 Chara & her dog friend are enjoying the great weather, too!
She looks extra ferocious here, eh?
I'm amazed at how the flowers bloom up the branches!
It looks awesome, doesn't it?

 How are your Spring days lately?!

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Chelsea Phelps said...

Your pup is beautiful!

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