Thursday Throwback

We recently had our old external hard drive restored because the inside had shattered into a million pieces. (I dropped it too many times.) Our awesome friend and former house guest, Joshua, had it restored for us. Which is amazing because it had all of our wedding pictures, Korea pictures and all the pictures from our past life.  Past life, as in before this year, NOT past life, as in reincarnation.

Looking through all our fun past pictures I decided to start something new!
Throwback Thursdays

Every Thursday I'll be blogging about our past trips, events, and life before China. (At least life that is documented via digital photos. Sad, huh!? What did we do without digital cameras? So, nothing before senior-ish year of highschool. There is so much good stuff before that! Maybe one day I'll scan photos!)

Some of it might be repeats of our Mosby's in Korea blog, but mostly it will be new.

Some of the things I'll be blogging about:
Our first real Christmas together
Our honeymoon, which involved decorated toilet seats and a zebra's mouth

My 18th Birthday
My love for this stuffed animal.
 Our Wedding day
 The summer I lived in Santa Cruz
The day I spent in San Francisco
Korean Baseball
Our trips in Korea
 College Life
 Teaching in Korea
My love for snow
The ski trip we took the first year of marriage
Our wedding showers & of course my bachelorette
 Cabo San Lucas
North Carolina
 Our trip to the moon. Jk.
To NASA, Houston.
 My time in Haiti
The time we went to North Korea
My mom's wedding. 
Our life in Korea
 Chara as a puppy
 Senior year of high school
 Our dating days
 Costa Rica
New Orleans after Katrina
My first trip to China

Along with lots more!! 
So get excited everybody because Throwback Thursdays are coming next week! 


Carolyn said...

Love your pictures. Such a happy trip down memory lane. Keep 'em coming! Love you so much! Grandma Carolyn

Ruthie Hart said...

your wedding pictures are just so precious!!

Catherine said...

Awesome!! :) So happy you could get all of those back! :) What a great guy for saving all those pics!

Did you see our older blog posts about SAfrica?
We are going to start doing quite a few soon because it makes the people flying there feel very excited about the sightseeing that they can do while there!

Looking forward to see what you post! :)

Mwah, xoxoxox

Theresa said...

I love throwback posts. Like Carolyn said, it's such a fun trip going back down memory lane!

Stopping in from the Friday Chaos blog hop and am happy to be a new follower :)

Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

Catriona M. said...

Your wedding pics are beautiful. I like the pic of you with the flowers in the background and your dog.


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