Lauren's Bachelorette Party

At the end of September, I had the honor or throwing my sister in law's Bachelorette party. It was a great night filled with fun games, snacks & celebrating Lauren. The party started at our house where I prepared a few fun desserts like oreo balls & red velvet cake balls, some savory snacks like cheese & crackers & drinks. I made sure to print out some cute pictures of Jacob & Lauren for decorations.

*These pictures are terrible, I know. The fluorescent lights in our house basically make all of our in home photos yellow. 

For drinks, I made sure to have lots of variety & mixers but provided two pre-mixed drinks that the girl's seemed to love.

For our main game of the night, I met with Jacob, my brother, a few days before & asked him several questions while video taping him. To play the game, we let the video run for the question & paused it before Jacob's answer. Lauren had to guess what Jacob said. It was the highlight of the night! Here's the video. If you know these two, you'll get a kick out of it. He's adorable. 

Every time Lauren got an answer wrong, she had to take a drink. Poor girl got lots of answers wrong! Her & Jacob did a great job answering I just hadn't realized how many questions I asked! I wish I would have recorded her response to his questions! It was hilarious. 

After the game, we moved on to presents. Lauren got tons of amazing things! She probably went home with around 10 new pieces of lingerie & some other gifties, as well. 

After we had drinks & played games at our house we headed to Hula Hut. Hula Hut is a great place to celebrate because of it's fun atmosphere & Lake Austin views. 

At the table while waiting for our food we played a few games to stay entertained. I made cards with wedding words on them & the girls would have to describe the word without saying it.


Overall it was a great night & Lauren had a blast, which was the goal of the evening! Stay tuned for pictures from their wedding! :) Lauren is now officially a Hazel. :)
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Fall Bucket List Update

 We have a little more time to complete Fall Bucket Lists here in Texas than people up North have but since fall is finally, slowly fading into winter, I thought I'd give you an update on the items we completed & the items we have yet to complete. :) 

Texas State Fair September 25 – October 15
  Went! You can read about it here! :) We had such a great time!
Pumpkin Picking at a Pumpkin Patch (like a real one, not one in a Church parking lot)
Basically a church parking lot. But it was a patch.
Carve our pumpkins that we got at said awesome pumpkin patch
Carved! I carved Sophie & Sebastian's pumpkins into a bat & a cat. They loved them once we lit them all up. We bought two big pumpkins but Zachary ended up just scooping them out & not carving them.
Make some Pumpkin Butter.
Nope. One day. I'm still set on making some.

Make an Apple Pie
It was an apple pie, made from a box but it was made nonetheless & it was delicious.

Make Pumpkin Bread.
Made! And it's amazing. Make it!

Decorate our back porch
We decorated our front porch, sort of, does that count? See our scooped out but un-carved pumpkins below?

Wear something plaid because I'm trendy
I have nothing plaid. I guess I'm not trendy. Oh! I did just get plaid plates from the $1/$3 Target aisle. They're amazing.

Go Camping
Nope but Zachary's asking for some camping gear for Christmas so maybe camping will be on our winter or spring bucket list. 

Pick Persimmons & Make something Persimmony
I haven't seen any. I really should of made something with persimmons when we were in China last year. There's an abundance of them in Qingdao.

Pick Pecans
Haven't seen a place to pick them! 

Have a Bonfire
Yes! We had one! 

Roast Marshmallows
Yes! At Jacob & Lauren's wedding. 

Go to a Football game (It doesn't matter what kind! College, Pro, (<ya, right! We can't afford either of those tickets) high school, Little league, whatever, as long as it's football!)
Nope. And I guess I'm okay with it.

Make popcorn Balls
Nope. Ate a million other things this fall though. ;)

Find a favorite fall candle
So many favorites. My all time favorite is the Red Velvet Candle which isn't fall per say. I have a variety of candles around the house that all smell amazing! I'm kind of digging an espresso candle my brother got me for my birthday right now. 

Make hand print turkeys with Sophie

Nope. Completely forgot!

Go to a Corn Maze
Yes! Checkity Check.
Hike Enchanted Rock

Host a Soup Party Sharing our Laoshan New Spring tradition!

Yes! It was a great time! I'll blog about it soon. :) You should host a soup party if you haven't!

Maybe Wurstfest November 6-15
And there's an update folks! I may not have completed every task on this fall bucket list but we still had a fun-filled fall. It was one for the books. Now on to all the fun winter activities (which are very few in Texas but we'll find time!) ! 
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