Poop Face to Road Kill Lover

Very luxurious Chara went to the spa tonight at the pet place in our apartment complex and had a bath. I love it when she gets bathed because afterwards you can tell she feels fresh and beautiful. 
She prances around and acts like a little girl showing off her new dress. 
I imagine I would appreciate showers more too if I only got one once a month. 
Look at that silky gold coat. 
She HAD to have a bath because this morning Zachary took her out and she was being all cute and playful {you know, like usual}. She was rolling around on the ground and jumping back n' forth, pouncing and playing with something. 
Zachary thought she was cutely pouncing on a tree stump, until he went closer and realized she was playfully rolling around, tail wagging, tongue hanging out happy, with a dead animal. 
Not sure what kind of animal, just that it was dead and had black hair. 
And that Chara took a fancy to it.

All day, we've been teasing her. Her new nickname is Road Kill Lover. Remember her previous one was Poop Face. :) 
So innocent. 
We keep joking that she thought it was playing back with her and didn't realize it was dead, which is probably true. Chara often misses social cues like that. When cats and dogs growl at her or humans shriek away from her, she happily pounces back and forth trying to play, like she thinks that's what those growls & shrieks mean. 
She's a smart girl but clueless. :) 


Becky {This Is Happiness} said...

Hi there! Our dog used to do the same thing. Over from the hop and excited to follow you and read more. Hoping you'll follow me, maybe? :)

Heather said...

She's so cute! Love that you can tell she feels clean and pretty after a bath. Our dog has only rolled in a dead animal once and he smelled soooo bad!

Lauren said...

Those retrievers... Always into everything :) Ours is the same way! Except, he hates water. Hates it. I tell him all the time that he gives his "people" a bad name (and by people I mean other golden retrievers... I know, maybe that's weird).


Hi. My dog wants to roll in anything he can find dead. And he loves to do this after a bath. Yuk!! lol

Mosby Hardin said...

Hi my name is Mosby and when I saw your blog on the blog hop I just had to stop by! Love the blog and I love that your last name is Mosby!!

menopausal mama said...

My dog is always picking up strange things in the yard and bringing them into the house--kinda scary because you never know what he's got! New follower on your GFC from the Chaos hop. Would love it if you could visit and follow back. Thanks for sharing! http://menopausalmother.blogspot.com

The Cantrell's said...

This is hilarious! I have a little one that loves poop too. It's so gross. I am a new follower via Friday Chaos. :)


BeaumontGirl said...

Such a fun blog so happy to be following you from Friday Chaos!


Maria Lipkin said...

aww poor chara didn't realize she was playing with a dead animal. She's a cutie though ;)
I'm a new follower from the friday chaos blog hop.


Jessica said...

Aw how cute! She is so precious... I love dogs. :)

I'm your newest follower from the Friday Chaos blog hop, and I'm excited to have found your adorable blog! Can't wait to read more about Chara!

I'd absolutely love if you followed back! You can find me at What's in a Name?

minttu said...

Chara is such a cutie pie! awwww!

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