What's in yo' bag, siiiister?!

So glad you asked. 
I've been dying to share. 

I have seen tons of these, "What's in my bag?" posts and articles in magazines about celebs bags. 
Every time I read one of these I always can't believe them am embarrassed about my bag how neat & clean they are. 

A few questions about "What's in my bag?" posts/articles~
Are your bags really this clean people?
Are these pics from THAT day or is it just the staples you always have in your bag? 
If they are from that day, was it just a lucky day, so you didn't have any random stuff?
Do you never have random huge lint brushes or half eaten granola bars in your bag?? 
Am I the only one?
A few secrets confessions about my bag.  

  • I spill my water bottle in it almost every other day. I'm used to it. It annoys the crap out of Zachary. {I will admit it's pretty annoying walking around in a store when I notice my back is soaked or I'm "dripping." Okay. More than annoying. Also, this is how I said goodbye to my Ipod touch, to a pool of water in my purse. Awesome. }
  • I found a huge clam shell in my purse one time. {I swear. I have no idea how it got there.} 
  • It kind of reminds me of Mary Poppins' bag. 
  • It will probably be the cause of back problems later in life. 
  • My purse is no where near as bad as my moms. ;) 
  • Though it may appear messy to you, there is an intricate organization system going on in there. 
  • I always have random pen marks all over the outside of my bag.... it occured to me the other day, as I was sitting in a taxi, that this looks rather childish & I should probably be more careful. 

Do you still love me? Or do you think I'm a gross clam hoarding, bag soaker?

After all that confession, I'd like to introduce you to My Bag.
These are the staples people. 
And I didn't have anything random in my bag this dag. 
I just took everything out and layed it out for you.
{Well maybe besides a few receipts and loose coins at the bottom of my bag.}

Zachary's been eager to know.
Just kidding.
Actually he doesn't care at all.
I just thought the fam might enjoy a picture of him on this post.
I know I always enjoy them. He's so handsome. :)

Last but not least,
I'm linking up for 5 for Five at Jessica's blog.
5 things I'm GOING to do try to do in the next 5 days. 
1. Wake at 5 am at least.....twice. {Slow starts lead to better results... right?}
2. Workout at least 4 times. 
3. Not get sick again.
4. Stick to our budget every day. 
5. Email/face book everyone back. 
Check back next week to see how well I stick to my to-do lists. :)


Helene said...

you have a lot up in there!! but that's awesome, love keeping a planner around!

Lindsey said...

I can't believe spilling in your bag doesn't drive you crazy! I always carry my water cup, too many valuables to risk ruining. I'm a new follower.

Dalayna Dillon said...

I always have to carry a big purse to carry all my randomness. It then becomes more like a backpack carrying all of my books, etc. I think one time I found 3 different water bottles! lol

Anonymous said...

Yep, your purse is about like mine !! I have a full purse too although I have never found a clam shell in mine, that is pretty awesome, lol !! Mine is not organized and the only thing I can find imediately is my iphone as I use the pouch on the inside of the purse which is easy to reach. I am working harder on closing pens too, this purse is doing okay, but I have had my share of ink marks too.
Thanks for sharing, it is always fun to see other peoples purses and what they do !!

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