Chinese-isms: Part 1

I don't even know if that's the right title for this post. 
This post is really just all the Chinese-y things we see each day living in China.
You know, those things that just make you remember,
 "Right. I live in freakin' China!" 
Ya, those things.
Most of these things have just become normal to us. 
"Really?! There are places in the world where people don't hawk 
ginormous lougies on the side of the road?!" 
Okay. I lied. That never gets normal. It's always sick nasty.
I had to respell lougie like a gazillion times. I am still not entirely sure it's accurate. 
Lewgie, luigee, lougee, loogy, loegee. I swear I'm an English teacher. 
Googing.... and fixed.
And blogger still has the red squiggle line underneath it! Lame.

Moving on.
Are you ready for a whole lotta culture? 
These are all things you will most definitely see in China, if you ever visit after seeing some of these pictures. ;)

Don't you just want to jump on a plane right now & eat up all that mystery meat goodness??

And because I don't want you to forget just how wonderful & beautiful China also is,
here you go.

From our Laoshan hike. 

Happy Friday friends & fam! 


Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Woah! I'm not sure if I could eat in China. Makes me realize just how luck (and spoiled) I am. Baby goats...hilarious!

Catherine said...

hahaha... I love this post!

I have started a folder called, "Weirdness" and hopefully I can do a similar blog post in a couple of months! My collection is growing on a daily basis!

Nice one!!!!!! :)

Catherine said...

OH YEAH... and FYI,

In South Africa we call 10111 in emergencies, we have milk in bags, we wear school uniforms, and with 11 official languages we are often left clueless!!!!


Lindsay said...

Alright, not so sure about the mystery meat and chicken soup, hahaha, but the baby goats are hilariously cute. And the milk in the bag is pretty cool! In a weird way.

Melanie Miller said...

I love seeing the differences in cultures - we take living day to day as a given thing, you don't expect that it can be all uprooted when you to another country. I will just have to remember to stay away from chicken soup on China - I would end up a vegetarian so fast!!

My Imperfect...

lost in travels said...

oh my goodness, SO many of those things are also in korea! which i'm sure you already know : )my favorite is the goats by far, but my questions is whyyyy?

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