Monday mush

Mush because that seems to be what's going on around these parts lately. No really, I'm pretty sure I saw a chunk of fat along the hips last night that  I haven't seen before and while erasing the board today I saw my freaking arm jiggle. Awesome. 
Good thing I'm jumping back on the Revolt wagon tomorrow. I'm even going to post before pictures..gulp.. I'm so excited to share with you all the awesome-ness that's happening with revolt and even more excited to share with you my journey along the way!
Today's a rainy day Monday in Qingdao. One of those days you wish you could stayed wrapped in your blanket and have snuggling with your dog and husband the whole day. 

Starbucks after work will have to do.
Speaking of which, here I am, in Starbucks, after work. 

Check out Starbucks China summer drink.
A red bean green tea frap. Red bean is a popular dessert topping/ filing in China. Have you tried res bean before?What did you think?

 Guess what I'm blogging on?!? My phone on the fantabulous BlogGo app! 
If you need to blog on the go, I highly recommend it! It's so easy to use! 

What did you do his weekend?
Little friends are the best! 
We had lunch with friends after church yesterday. We love being apart of a community with so many kids here. 
Saw a beautiful sun set from our window...
I took Zachary's suggestion and got my nails done...

We noshed on the famous Sitting Bull ribs.

And bought a new ring for $1.50
The rest of the weekend we pretty much slept as much as possible. 
It was great! 

Hope you had a nice weekend and a  sunny Monday!!!

Also, I finally joined Instagram! Whoop. It will for sure inspire
 photo upon photo of our uber interesting life ;). 


Sara said...

Hey Heather! I have a question! Based on my limited knowledge of China, I have only ever heard that they are hostile towards Christians and that most have to meet secretly. But that doesn't seem like its your experience. Could you share what you see/experience over there? Thanks!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I love Instagram...it's my favorite!! I'm going to go find you right now :)

Living in Another Language said...

We have the red bean frapp too. Awesome huh? I'm pretty sure I'll NEVER have the nerve to try it. Do they have rainy season in China as well? I'm wondering if we are getting ours early this year. I love the rain though. It makes me want to go to a coffee shop and drink coffee. :)
Yay for instagram. I take way too many photos.

-Amanda Living in Another Language

Ruthie Hart said...

Heather your hair looks fantastic!! Love the ombre!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

gotta love making memories...the sunset is gorgeous!!

Yen said...

mmmm Red bean green tea frap! I wish we got cool flavors here too

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