Daly Pie // Brooklyn Egg Cream

Currently blogging from a cute little coffee shop, Daly Pie, in Brooklyn. This little shop is holding a special place in my heart right now because it's warm, has delicious coffee and treats, and provided me a "walking in the cold in my puffer coat, with a cappuccino in hand, while in New York" experience last night. I couldn't help but skip for joy when I realized the fulfilled dream of it all last night on our walk to the subway station. I know it's cheesy, but it filled me with warm fuzzies. And now this cute little shop, is also providing me a "Oh hey there, just blogging from New York" situation. So, again. Love it.
 They also have a unique little spot on their menu. They serve "egg cream" in chocolate or coffee. Upon questioning it and giving the ole' internet a little search, we found out some history of this interesting egg cream drink. Egg cream is a drink consisting of milk, seltzer and a little chocolate syrup with added espresso for the coffee version.
 Check out the adorable old fashioned seltzer bottles? The company who provides Daily Pie's seltzer is Brooklyn Seltzer a Brooklyn based company and the last remaining seltzer company in NYC, that delivers seltzer like the old time-y milk delivery (or I guess the old time-y seltzer delivery if your family so wished).
 This unique drink primarily has been produced almost exclusively in New York City
and in Brooklyn predominately. Author Elliot Willensky, wrote in his book When Brooklyn Was the World: 1920-1957, that “a candy store minus an egg cream, in Brooklyn at least, was as difficult to conceive of as the Earth without gravity.”

While, we could never comprehend an earth without gravity, having tried egg cream... we don't really get it. Haha. I've heard many others express their love of it, though! I will say this little treat is still so fun and retro!
While we didn't fall in love with Egg Cream, we did fall in love with this little shop. Thank you Daly Pie for your delicious coffee and pies and for being our "neighborhood" coffee shop while in Brooklyn. See you next year!
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