Chara Takes Texas Bluebonnets

What says Texas more in nature than bluebonnets? Okay, and rattlesnakes & oak trees & big blue skies, but also, bluebonnets. Every year the highways are lined with them & it's a sight to see. They're beautiful. Though I've grown up with this beautiful flower my whole life, I'm still intrigued by it's details & color. I knew, for our first Spring back in Texas in 4 years, we had to take some bluebonnet pics. In light, of the 4th coming up & all the red, white & blue that will fill our nation that day, I give you some more white & blue. :) 

 We try so hard to get her looking directly at the camera, it just doesn't work. 
So we'll settle for a snuggle bear pic & side glance.
 Also, group selfie pictures with the dog just don't work. Either she's cut out, we're cut out, or we have to awkwardly force her to put her head up.
But when Zachary's taking the picture, Chara's all smiles & of course, looking at him. It's precious to see the way she watches him. Sometimes, I just watch her watching him. It's cute the way her head goes back & forth as he walks by.
 Forced weird snuggles.
She loves running around free in nature! So many smells & new things to see.
 I know, I know, there's so many pictures. I just love them. She's so happy. :) It was a good day.
Isn't it idyllic? 
 A white blue bonnet. An albino blue bonnet?
 Chara loves following Justin around because he goes off the path & explores & finds new things, like a discarded Christmas tree. haha.
 Sometimes I have the patience to take good photos. I never seem to have the patience to edit them, though. And also, I don't really ever have patience to take good photos. I'm pretty sure I just used the macro-auto setting.
 Rasberries! There's a whole field of rasberry bushes behind my parents neighborhood. Justin gathered a huge bowl of them this Spring, they now sit in our freezer waiting to be made into something delicious.
 "Let's go Chara!!" "Here, I come guys!" Hehe.
Do you usually take bluebonnet photos with your family or pets? If so, don't be scared to post them a season later! ;)
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Bishop Arts District

If you're looking for something to do in the Dallas area, the newly updated Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff, is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. I love this little gem in the midst of Dallas' suburbs & high rises. There are tons of great places to eat, have a drink & window shop. DSC03264
Window Shopping
There are tons of great art galleries, boutiques & stores to walk peruse the aisles of. 

Some of my Favorites:
M'antiques : Antiques for men! Fun!
Epiphnay: Women's boutique with lots of beautiful clothes, jewelry & accessories
Artisans Collective: A huge gallery filled 150+  with local artists with a vast assortment of mediums.
Bishop Street Market: Unique gifts, tons of hilarious cards, soaps & glass dishes.
Fete-ish: A vast array of insteresting gifts & crazy things to look at. A fun store to go into!
Dirt: The coolest florist ever. I love, love, love their bouquets & plants.
Simply Austin Furniture: Amazing Austin-inspired furniture.
More Info & Shopping here.
Eats & Drinks
There are tons of unique & interesting places to spend a meal, at all price ranges. 

Dallas Grilled Cheese Company: Should I have the metabolism of a 15 year old boy, I would wish to eat here everyday. It's amazing. I blogged about it here. 
The Local Oak: "American comfort food with an eclectic patio and full bar." - BishopArtsDistrict Weebly. They had me at eclectic. 
Zoli's Pizza Tavern: Real NY pizza made by an Italian New Yorker. 
303 Bar & Grill: Casual neighborhood eatery.
Dude, Sweet Chocolate: Dallas' very own chocolate shop. Lots of fun, unique flavors.
Emporium Pie Company: Famous for their pies. So, famous that when we went there was a line out the door & down the street.

Wild Detectives: A coffee shop, bar, live music venue & bookstore in one. 
Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters: All wood, back to the basics with coffee as the focus.  They're so much about the basics, they don't even have Wifi but weirdly, you don't even need it.
Bishop Cider Co.: Hand crafted hard cider. Enough said.
Check out Bishop Arts District on a weekday night when things aren't too crowded & there's parking available. :) 
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In Summerrrrrr!

DSC03085Can you guys believe it's July already? Holy moly the year is flying by. Before we know it Fall will be here! But, before it does, can I just say, that I'm loving summer. I've said in a million in one posts that I don't like summer. But by golly, yes, I just said that, I'm really enjoying summer this year! And I say this while sitting outside on a porch in a rocking chair (maybe that's why I like summer, sounds pretty awesome, right?!). Texas summers have not been the dread & gloom I remembered & worked them up to be. They've been nice, refreshing & obviously, sunny but sunny in a good way. Sunny in the, "I want to smile & praise God I'm alive!" kind of way. Anyways, that's all this post is about, is just to say I like summer now, I think. :) I'm not going to go all Olaf about it (haha, get it?) but I like it. Also, I'll post some photos of our time with my brother, Jacob & his fiance, Lauren. In the words of my itty, bitty sister, "yippee, kai yaa!" DSC03065We went to Waco's one of two cool coffee shops, Dichotomy. But it's like really cool. I dig it. DSC03070Then we took girl-dog & Sierra, Jake & Lauren's pup, to the little dog park in their apartment complex. Chara was salivating like a rabid thing & got gross-ness all over her head. DSC03073We played in the swings, while Lauren did the hard work, throwing toys to the dogs. DSC03086
And that's all folks. Also, I miss you blog. I think I'll start coming around again.
Happy Summer Readers.
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