Four Wednesday Wishes

I know it's almost hot Texas summer weather but you guys, I can't get over sweaters. And I love, LOVe this zip front sweater. Want. 

I was completely out of the Kendra Scott loop while in Asia but now that I'm in it, I like it. Love her Rayne necklace in any stone really. I love the boho metal fringe on it. Why are you so expensive beautiful necklace? 

I'm still stuck in the 2000's and starstuck by The Hill's cast. It's bad, I know, but I am. And honestly, Lauren Conrad & Whitney Port have gone far since The Hills days. They're both amazing designers & I love peeking on their sites every now & then to see what lovelies they've designed up. I love this floral moto jacket. It's all kinds of amazing. 

I can't even. Guys, this necklace, it's like my dream necklace. Fringe. So much fringe. Insert emoji with heart eyes right now. Great news is that I found a necklace almost identical for only $32. So, when I finally come around to being okay, actually getting Zachary to be okay. with spending $32 on a necklace, I'm getting it. 
  That's my 4 Wednesday Wishes of the day. What about you? What are you wishing for?
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Spring in Korea

With Spring showers going on here in Texas, I can't help but think of the gorgeous spring weather they're probably having now in Korea. Come spring in Korea, cherry blossoms line the streets. Their beautiful flowers only last a few weeks but those few weeks make for some quite magical views, a spring paradise. 

Luckily, while we lived in Korea, we were able to enjoy their beauty, before all their petals fell off, littering the sidewalk like snow.


We Have a Chinese Son

DSC_0588 3
Okay, we don't really. But we wish. We wish we could just whisk him away to America. Okay, and his mom & dad, too. We love them, too. I'm always trying to bribe them into coming for a visit. I try to talk up fun tourist sites they've heard of to get them here! We got to FaceTime with Justin, aka Little Justin, so you don't get confused with Big Justin, & Jenny (his mom) the other day & it was so great. We miss China, you guys. We miss our people there, like Jenny & Justin. And all our other "family" there. 
We are loving our time back in the States & loving being so close to our actual family. We're building memories, cherishing moments & getting to be apart of the day to day of our families lives, which is amazing and a gift. But part of our hearts are in China, too. Face Time & We Chat are keeping us connected when we miss over there the most. I can't believe we've been here for over a year now. It's crazy. Anyways, I guess this is a reverse home sick post to say China, we love you. And miss you.DSC_0587 2
And we're just wishing we could gather all of our people & just live in one big neighborhood and never miss anyone! Also, don't you love how very Chinese-y he looks here? He's got his Chairman Mao shirt on & everything. Love it. post signature
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