Chinese-isms: Part 2

Sometimes, it may be hard to remember that we live in China.
What with all my Starbucks & eating awesome Western food talk.
Granted, we do live in one of the "most livable cities in China," said someone. 
Maybe Lonely Planet.
Maybe the news.
I don't know.
Someone said that and it's true.
Qingdao is beautiful, relaxed and modern.
It rocks.

But, I assure you, we are still in China and
I have more pictures this week to prove it to you. 

In case you missed last weeks: Chinese-isms:Part 1
A hole in the road
Why use an orange construction cone when you could just use a tree branch?
This picture doesn't really have a sky line "filled" with cranes, but trust me there are plenty of every growing, China skylines filled with cranes. 
Before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing I heard a statistic that China had 1/3 of the entire world's cranes. 
She's holding a dresser on the back of a scooter.

And once again, I'll end this Chinese-ism post with how beautiful China is, as well. 
Enjoy your Weekend!!! 


lost in travels said...

the apartment buildings and cranes definitely look familiar from korea but i wish we had the countdown lights!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Count down lights would be so great! Are there less traffics accidents that way? My son, who was looking over my shoulder, just said, "That chicken made a mess on that table." 5-year old wisdom... :)

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