Teal & Sparkles, Oh Yay

This title describes my new I Phone.
Say what?
Ya. You heard right. My I-Phone.
As in, I got an I Phone.
It has an awesome teal cover & a sparkly screen protector. 
Sooo not me. But I'm digging it.

Really though. 
I know, this is no big deal.
You all have one.
Even here, you go to Starbucks, and every.single.person. has their IPhone or some other ridiculously smart phone out. 
It's not a big deal.
A bowel of scorpions.
The very first picture I took on my phone
right before I ate some!! Come back tomorrow to hear about that!

I personally, feel like my world just got a little bigger.
Mainly because I can now enter the Instagram world that everyone rubs in my face by posting Instagram links on Twitter.
And then there's that thing called Face Time on the go.
That's pretty sweet.

most importantly, I can take a gazillion pictures & then upload their 
extrememly good quality-ness 
to the blog. 

So. Ya. I'm excited.
Thanks Hubbs. 
You're awesome. 
And thank you Lord.
I'm grateful for this crazy over priced, luxury.
I know that there are so many that go with way, way less.
I don't deserve it.
Thank you that my husband decided to gift me with it. 

And now. 
Enough mush. Right?
Here's my fantastic I Phone shots from our first few days together.
Lucky girl. :) A phone & summer clothes.
In case you were wondering what stores we have over here in China. 
Zachary flagging a taxi w/ all of our dong xi (stuff)!
Owners of I Phones must have tons of "selfie" shots, right? ;)
Inside a taxi.
Class plays.

Sherry! She's moving to America tomorrow!
If you see this cute little face around be sure to show her lots of love!!
Laura, looking fab in her uniform.
And Lionel. Working hard.
We wrote letters to students in other classes today.
Amy decorating her letter.

That's all folks.
Really, come back tomorrow to read about those scorpions I ate. :)
Happy Wednesday friends!


Living in Another Language said...

Yay for you! I love my iPhone! I got my first iphone in 2010, and I'll forever be an iphone user. Great job choosing right. :)

As far as the scorpions. Girl, you're crazy...but I can't help but wishing I were (was? yes I'm an English teacher, but at midnight, all grammar goes out the door) as brave as you.

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Can't wait to read about the scorpions. I love my iPhone! The photo quality is really amazing...and it's just fun!!

lost in travels said...

congrats on the new phone! facetime is my absolute favorite! anything to make calling people back home a little easier : )

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