Here is a quick video to share with you some of the joys of celebrations in China. When a new store opens up or someone is getting married expect the fireworks to come out! And there is no consideration of what time it is, say 6:00 am. Crazy!!


Trip to Qingdao

Over the Fall break we took the 4 1/2 hour ride from Dongying, to the beautiful port city of Qingdao.

We loved our relaxing time there.


The Zach Attack!!!

My sweet, beautiful, precious husband
has a habit of falling asleep during social gatherings.
And well,
our friends Justin & Catherine, 
just get the joy of being at most of those gatherings. 
Like any good friends & wife, 
we like to take these "Zachary dead asleep" opportunities to make videos.

And before you start thinking I truly am an awful wife for shoving cookies into my husbands mouth, recording it and then posting it on the internet, 
Zachary made this awesome video.
he must have not cared if people saw it!
Love you baby boo! 

Our Co-Workers

This post is long over due. We should introduce you to our coworkers. These are the lovely  people that we teach with at our school in Dongying. 

Chara Update

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