Zachary's Birthday Surprises

Yesterday was Zachary's 30th Birthday! The Big 3-0. Whoop! We had an awesome day of being sick. the. whole. day. A case of head colds has swept through our house leaving us both coughing, sneezing and gasping for air after a few sips of coffee or kisses (it's real sexy) because we can't breathe through our noses! We spent most of the day yesterday snuggled up on the couch and napping. 
But that didn't stop me from giving Zachary presents to open! 
For his birthday, in true Pinterest fashion, I gave him 30 presents all marked with a number. Unfortunately,  I felt so terrible I wasn't even up to taking a picture of it. But it was still fun & he enjoyed it. :) 
Some of his gifts included camping gear, books, treats, new pants & shoes and money for our dinner reservations later that night as a surprise! :) We didn't leave the house all day but I forced us to make the reservations. We had to eat dinner anyways, right!? 
We had a lovely dinner at The Melting Pot that left our bellies full of fondue & feeling all warm and cozy.
It was a good day, despite us being sick, because it was his 30th. 
I love you sweet husband. Thank you for all your love. So thankful for the gift of you.
Happy Birthday, love.
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