The Last Days of Porto

I came home the other day and saw Chara sniffing something on the floor
which I assumed was a leaf.
I assumed wrong.
It was not a leaf,
but in fact our gold fish, Porto.
First Day in his bowl

What's wrong with me that I didn't first assume it was our fish?
On the freaking floor!?

Sweet Chara only sniffed him, though.
I guess she's not really in to eating things while they're still moving.
Though, that might have been a better way for him to go.
That's quick.
He was just laying there, 
with one fin slowly flapping.
Seeing he was still alive,
 I quickly picked him up and gave him CPR.
Just kidding.
I threw him back in to his fish bowl,
which happens to be better than CPR for a fish
 in case you were curious.

Then, I called Zachary into the room and told him what happened.
As I was telling him,
suicidal Porto,
jumped out of his fish bowl AGAIN.
Right on to the table.
The fish went A-Wall.
But we quickly, put him back into his bowl, which apparently feels like a prison to him.
Because I think it's kind of....disrespectful taking pictures of a fish while he's dying, 
you'll have to settle with cartoon pics. 

We noticed his tail was missing quite a few chunks out of it.
Thinking Chara maybe did like eating dying fish,
we inspected the scene.
And found pieces of his tail
dried up and stuck to the side of the bowl!
Ya. I know, this story is getting crazy.
Then, through much investigation we came to a conclusion.
Try to keep up,.;)
jumped over the side of the bowl,
slid down the side, and his tail got stuck.
Then he flipped out, literally, and part of his tail tore off, leaving 3 flakes on his fish bowl.
Then as he was flipping out he
made his way off the table,
and flopped around a few more feet until,
at last,
his one little fin was all that could flop,
which is where Chara found him.

The first day back in the bowl,
we thought maybe he'd do okay.
But by day two, he looked
straight up Zombie fish.
All his scales were pealing off of him, even off his eyeballs.
Then he started turning over.
He'd try to fight it at first but eventually he just stopped fighting
& just swam around up-side-down or chilled out on the marbles.
You know when your fish is using the marbles at the bottom of his bowl as a pillow you have a problem.

Day 3 we found him up-side-down at the bottom of the bowl
with like a cloud of fish scales around him,
glazed over eyes and an open mouth.
He looked real Zombie then.

So, that was the end.
Good bye Porto.
Thanks for living longer than any other gold fish we've had.
You'll be missed.


Living in Another Language said...

OH poor guy. What a terrible story. :( Sorry about your over-adventurous fish. I remember watching an ' my animal's got talent' show...and some lady came on saying her fish could jump. He never did. I thought she was lying.

And now I recognize (after your experience) that maybe she wasn't.

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

Sueellen said...

Awe poor little guy! What a sad story but please fix the error in spelling bowl

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