I ate a Scorpion.

Actually not A scorpion but scorpionS.
2 to be exact. 
 Want to know the crazy part?!
I wanted to eat more.
Call me a freak, but they were good. 
I wanted to eat the 2 remaining in the bag, but I saved them 
for Zachary.
Because that's what good wives do.
They save the last two scorpions for their husband to eat. 
So, here's how it went down.
I got my fantastic, awesome I Phone, and was feeling pretty happy.
I saw a lady among the food vendors with 4 red buckets of scorpions.
1 with the big guys, 2 with the medium ones and 1 with the little baby scorpions.
I stared them down for awhile.
Asked the people around me if they were good,
just to make sure this wasn't a shady biz-nass going on.
But they all said they were good. 
And so, I said, 
"What the hey?! I'm young. Confident. All that. 
I can randomly eat a scorpion on the side of the road by myself. I'll do it!"
So I pointed to the big ones. 
The scorpion lady, {is that what you'd call someone in this business?}
 pulled out 4, and washed them off. 
They didn't seem to like water much. They were clawing around like crazy.

Right about this time Zachary called me.
Which I will say, made me very happy.

I mean, I was all about doing this in a very independent, "I'm awesome", kind of way,
but let's face it,
life is so much better with him
and I'm really not that awesome solo.
So, I excitingly told him what I was about to do, 
and being the ever-encouraing man he is, he said,
"Go for it!" 
So I did.
Frying them up in some very suspicious & dirty oil,
in a card board box.
I mean, they're scorpions.
So, how clean can you expect the cooking process?
This isn't P.F. Changs. 
Am I right?
If you're gonna eat scorpions,
have them fried in dirty oil, in a card board box,
on the side of the road.
Putting my snack in the bag, just before seasoning them.
Here we go.
In the taxi.
And oh look. May I point out that
I could document all this goodness because of my phone! 
 Let's also remember this was taken with my phone,
since they're such good quality and all.
And they're in.
Had to show you.
And my nostrils.
I thought you'd like to see those too.
Chewed up scorpion & nose hairs.
They truly were.
They tasted like crunchy pork grinds.
Or like chips.
Almost addicting.
I could have kept eating them.
But I didn't.
I brought some home to Z
and he ate them, too.
And he liked them, too.

We even gave one to Chara.
Of course, she loved them.

I guess we're a scorpion eating family.

If you move into a new house any time soon 
and find some walking around or in any crevices,
don't worry.
Just fry them up, 
sprinkle some cajun seasoning on top,
and walah.

No longer a household pest, 
but a delicious snack.

Would you eat a scorpion?!
{I mean, not one that was crawling around in your house, because I admit that would be weird,
but from the side of the road? Okay. That sounds no less weird.}


Loris Ayoub said...

wow...you are brave!!

Loris Ayoub said...

wow...you are brave!!

lost in travels said...

you're braver than i am! but ok...i'll agree, if we come visit, you can take us out to a nice meal followed by scorpions on the street : ) cuz we're classy like that

Rekita Nicole | Her and Nicole said...

oh noooooo!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I tried scorpions in China too. I also remember my husband (then boyfriend) drinking too much and then eating a whole *massive* bag of fried grasshoppers. The rest of us tried one or two, but nope, he just kept on going. That was one ugly hangover...

Rachel said...

EW! You're so brave. I just can't get over how ugly and creepy crawly they are. I don't think I'd ever be able to eat one.

When we moved to AZ I was so afraid I'd run into one. Haha.

Anna said...

dang girl. fearless!
I have a series of shots like that from the time my husband ate a baby squid on our cruise. he had little tenticles sticking out of his mouth and everything.
he had the guts to do it, I didn't. :)

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