Chinese Funerals

Heather and I were biking home as we passed by a group of people mourning and wailing for the loss of a loved one. At first, Heather and I were kind of disturbed by the wailing, but coming home to the computer helped us understand more of their culture. It was an interesting read. Check out this site for more info...

Chinese Funeral Customs (Click here)

A visit to Hong Kong’s Long Island | Suzanne Ma Online
I turned around, startled by the sound of a wailing oboe. And then, family members of the deceased came off the ferry all dressed in white. White, as opposed to black, is the colour of mourning in Chinese culture.
Apparently, a traditional Chinese funeral requires that immediate members of the family wear cheap, un-dyed white clothes; white shirts and pants for the men and white skirts for the women. Over the clothes, family must an outer garment made of thin, hemp sack cloth. The women must wear one corner of the sack like a hood. Men usually put on white headbands.
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