Dreaming of the Hills // The Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

I never thought that Los Angeles would be on my list of my favorite places but it's on my list of "My Favorite Places." It was never a city that I particularly wanted to visit but when we were planning our flight home from China, with Chara, we knew we needed to stop for a few days & give our doggy, and ourselves, a little R&R after the long flight. We booked our flight from Beijing to Los Angeles & booked a stay at Helen's house that I found on Airbnb in LA. Since I'd never been to LA, I didn't quite understand the gem I was booking when I booked it.
DSC_0593 3
We realized quickly how blessed we were when we saw that this was our view. We got in the first night & went out to the back yard. We settled down in lawn chairs with a glass of wine & Chara laying at our feet & realized how happy we were to be back in the States & how perfect our accommodations were for us. DSC_0596 2One of our favorite parts about this house was the neighborhood it was located in, Hollywood Hills. We were surrounded by homes of former Hollywood royalty & in a neighborhood full of history. We took Chara on walks around the neighborhood & took her out to the grass covered hills, too. Helen showed us where she takes her dogs every morning & it was just beautiful.
DSC_0597 2DSC_0598 3
Our huge rental car (see above) had a hard time squeezing in on the narrow, windy roads of the Hills but we made it none of the less. DSC_0599 3DSC_0602 2
Chara loved America within 30 minutes of being here! Her life is so rich here. She gets to do things she was never allowed to do with us in China & people seem to just adore her here. It was fun for us being on vacation with her & inspired us to be more active with her on our trip.DSC_0605 2DSC_0607 3DSC_0608 2DSC_0609 2DSC_0615 2DSC_0617 3
DSC_0624 2DSC_0625 3DSC_0628 2DSC_0629 3
How pretty is Helen's "secret spot" on the hills? Chara loved roaming around off leash up here. DSC_0630 2DSC_0635 3DSC_0640 3DSC_0643 2DSC_0664 2DSC_0667 2DSC_0671 2
We could see the Hollywood sign from where we walked her which made things all feeley & sentimental & just plain dreamy.DSC_0677 2DSC_0685 3DSC_0687 2DSC_0689 2DSC_0691 2
This is someone famous' house but now I can't remember who. Hahaha. DSC_0694 3Lemon trees!
DSC_0622 3DSC_0623 2 
I can barely believe it's been a little over a year since our LA vacation. With a year past now, I'm dreaming of the hills again. Seriously, when can we go Zachary?! 
 Have you been to LA? What did you think of it? Let me know by commenting below!
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