Greek Salads & Beach feet

Can you guys believe that it's already April 30th? 
My oh my time flies. 
I'm excited about that. 
May's a good month, I think.
For one, my mother and father were born in May.
May 25th to be exact.
Yep. The same day.
That was pretty fun growing up.
Until they got divorced.
And then that just got awkward.
Just sayin'.

Also, in May is that great day to celebrate how wonderfully awesome our mother's are!
Also, May is one month closer to June. 
Which is one month closer to July.
Which is the month that we start summer vacation.
Maybe I am holla-ing too far in advance. 
It's so very sunny today.
It feels nice to have some sun on my skin.
My ghost like appearance and incredibly dark roots will appreciate all of this sun shine coming to Qingdao!

On to what this post is really about.
It's really about what we did yesterday. 
The first Sabbath I have had in what feels like ages.
Monday our day started around noon :) at De Ja Vu with a Greek Salad for me and a burger for Z. 
Justin & Catherine came to join us, so while we were waiting Zachary 
put his art skills to use. :)
He drew a willow tree. 
I put mine to use, too. :) 
When I saw we put our "art skills" to use, I mean we put our non existent art skills to use.
I acted like a 5 year old girl and wanted to show everyone my beautiful picture.
Catherine was sweet enough to endulge me. 
 Check out those bulging arm muscles on Z.
After dinner we walked down the street to the beach. 
Catherine stopped to smell the flowers. haha. 
 I did, too.
But upon discovering at lunch how much "my nose flares" I decided to opt out of the flower sniffing pics. ;)
We stopped by to see my horse friends, next to the beach.
 For the record, this one is NOT my friend.
This was his general opinion of us.
Hind quarters in our faces ready to kick.
But that black one, now he was my friend.
A few weeks ago I spent some time petting him while he was laying down in the grass.
Today, he only ate some hay from my hand and then stayed pretty distant.
He would.  Jerk. 
Right when I'm showing my horse whispering skills to the hubbs & friends, he let me down.
Sweet potato cart on the beach.
Hanging goat carcasses for bar b Que.. At least you know it's fresh.
Shi Lao Ren Beach. Only 3k from our apartment.
Catherine & I. 
Some H&M model, modeling on the beach. ;)

Happy baby at the beach.
Flowers at sunset in our apartment complex. 
Zachary & Justin after our beach outing. :)

Hope you guys are having an awesome last day of April!

I'm sipping on a green tea latte, with the hubbs, in Starbucks.
So, I'd say ours is going pretty good.


Living in Another Language said...

Haha, this is the most sporadic, random blog post ever...but I LOVE IT!!! :) I love your sense of humor in your writing. That salad looks delish!

-Amanda | Living in Another Language

lost in travels said...

friend, you can holla all you want about vacation that's long away because i'm the same! ours is in three months and i'm already counting down the days!

Chelsea Phelps said...

I can't get over all the beautiful flower pictures you post! They are so beautiful there!

April Robert said...

Love the couple pictures. Where were those art pictures taken? It looks like a coffee shop.

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