List of Junk

I got this idea from Michelle over at probably the most hilarious blog you will ever read, Mish Lovin' Life. Just check out this post if you have ever lived in Korea. I die.
I'm pretty happy I found her post, because I already had this list of randomness typed out for you, but had nothing to name it. 
List of junk seems quite fitting for this list of things I apparently think you just need to know.

1. I just found a hair with 24 split ends on it.
My friend, Kate, told me that was disgusting.
I completely disagree.
I think it's rather awesome & quite an accomplishment.
I always want to save finds like that. But that would be bordering creep-o territory.

2.For some reason that reminds me of my cousin.
Not the creep-o territory thing, though I'm sure I have a distance creep-o cousin out there, don't we all?, but the saving something small thing.
When I was little I was playing in my cousins room while she was out of town and I found a shoe box.
The shoe box was covered with Saran wrap and inside there was a single dandelion seed.
I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I have no idea why. That little seed just seemed so special.
3. I have a slight obsession with all things H&M. 
I'm very thankful I never discovered this store before having an actual salary. I think I would have been much poorer in college. 

4. They are building a huge shopping center next to our school & it's been kind of fun to see the progress. 
Construction sites always give me slight anxiety, though.
Things look so overwhelming to me at first. It looks like complete chaos to start and then slowly a building takes shape, and before you know it, it's filled & people are filing in.
I imagine being on a construction crew would be kind of exciting, seeing a project from start to finish.

5. I can't tell if it's awesome or sad that we come to Starbucks so often that today I saw some of my own hair in the corner where I usually sit. Okay. Neither. That just sounds gross, right?

6. I asked my students what to do if they found a sick bird while prepping them for my 
"don't touch any birds because of the bird flu" speech. 
They all raised their hands enthusiastically and had great ideas about what to do. Take it to the vet, take it home, tie up it's wing, etc. One kid even said eat it. Yes, child. That's exactly what you do when you see a sick bird on the ground. You pull out your chop sticks and eat it.
So apparently I was the first one to tell them not to touch a sick bird!

7. Justin & Catherine flew in this past weekend! We are so excited to have them here & to have them as our roommates for the next few months! 

8. Yesterday, I was so tired, I begged Zachary to work my morning classes for me. And, being the fantastically sweet husband he is, he did, and  I slept in. It was fantastic.

9. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and I'm obsessed. Pictures coming soon!

10. My desk is covered in children's notebooks, waiting to be graded, but alas, I blog.


Setarra said...

Haha! I do the same thing ... "I should probably do the laundry or do the dishes or work out" But instead, I blog lol. It's so bad that I use my blog as an excuse ha.

Catherine said...

Ahhhh, hahah!!! Really? Starbucks... really?
Thank you for having us in your beautiful home!!!!

And yes, H&M (awesomeness) can ruin your bank account, but they have great sales in the UK!! lol... Hopefully here too!
Thanks for the cute bag! Mwah!

~ Cat

Natashalh said...

Very entertaining post! I think you have my split end record vanquished! I made it somewhere into the teens once. I have to admit that I was somewhat tempted to hang on to it as a memento!


Living in Another Language said...

This is so great! I love this entire list. :)
Especially the hair part...both the split end and the Starbucks find.

I too have a problem with split ends...and my students just LOVE pointing them out to me. This of course turns into a big 'lets make fun of teacher' episode...so I try what I can to keep those little sticky fingers out of my hair.

Amanda | Living in Another Language

lost in travels said...

that post by michelle is my absolute favorite! it's such a great find : ) and i'm pretty sure my students would eat the bird too...disturbing

Chelsea Phelps said...

Love cherry blossoms! I bet they are absolutely gorgeous there! :)

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