This One Time...

So this one time, 
the summer after my junior year of high school,
I was living it up in Costa Rica with my two BFF's.
High school BFF numero dos was Costa Rican & so graciously invited us,
 BFF numero uno and I, to her families' many homes in Costa Rica for 2 1/2 weeks. 
We loved every second.

We came away with tons of stories. 
And had tons of "firsts." 
{Not that kind of '"first"! Get your head out of the gutter. You probably weren't even thinking anything and then I just put your head in the gutter. So, sorry about that.}

Anyways, ya, we had lots of firsts.
Like our first time to see a volcano.
Our first time to zip line.
To eat planteens and cheese.
To order rum & diet coke by ourselves while out to eat. 
{We were 16, so that was pretty awesome!}
Our first time to drink coconut juice straight from the coconut.

This list could go on and on.
This was a fantabulous trip.
And we lived it up.
Pura Vida Style.
Arenal Volcano - Costa Rica
It was also our first time to go
skinny dipping
in a lagoon of an active volcano.

Ya. Baby.
Hit the jackpot of "this one time I...." eh?

We were in an awesome motor boat, touring around the Arenal Volcano's lagoon, just us ladies. 
We could see the lava flowing down the side. And smoke puffing out.

The lagoon was beautiful. 
And who could resist? 
We just had to jump in.
Cestial Volcano Arenal Lagoon
And so, we all did. 
Her mothers, aunts, cousins and all.

All us ladies. 
In our skivvies in the Arenal Volcanoes' lagoon.

And then we took a picture. 
With our bodies under the water, of course.
Because that's what you do when your naked in a Volcanoe's lagoon.
You document it. 
{It would be so much better here if I could insert the pic but unfortunately that picture was taken with a disposable camera before they invented cameras ;) and is nicely pasted in my scrapbook in America.}

So all the ladies held up their undies.

Except for me.

Turns out, from the picture I didn't have any that day.
I don't exactly know how that story goes, or why I didn't, all I know is that in the picture everyone else is holding theirs up, and I am putting my hands up in a questionary pose, like
"What?!?! I had no idea we would be taking a photo like this today. I should have brought them." 

So, I guess I can put that on my check list, too.

"Ride around in a boat, in Costa Rica, on an active volcanoes lagoon, commando." Check.

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juliette said...

Ok, BFF numero uno here to say a few things:

1. I was 18, friend. Were you really 16??? thats weird.

2. this girl did NOT skinny dip. I took the photo. You could say I wasn't cool enough. Or perhaps not dumb enough. Its subjective. =)

3. the part about you going commando and forgetting your undies that day made me laugh out loud. I wish I could remember why you didnt have them. I think you forgot to pack underwear on our 2 week trip or something awesome like that. =)

thanks for the flashback

Callie said...

This is an awesome story!! Sounds like a great time. =)
Visiting from the Aloha Friday blog hop. You have a neat blog with a great writing style. =)

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