When the Juices aren't flowin'

I mean creative brain flow juices. 
I'm lacking those right now.

I thought I'd share some ideas with you about what to post on when your creative brain flow juices have stopped flowing.
You can post on many things, including the following, some of which readers really love;

Post your favorite green juice recipe.
To continue on with the "juice" theme of the title.
I'm drinking this every morning & it's good.
Good to my tastebuds & good for my body.
All around good.

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe
1 bunch of spinach
1 apple (seeded)
1 lemon
1 cucumber
{75ish calories}

Juice everything in your juicer & enjoy!

Post a picture of how poor you are at hanging up your clothes.
& then explain why you have a huge pile of unhung clothes so people don't think your a slob 

To be fair, this pile came from a few piles. One in my closet, one on my night stand and one from the shelf in the bathroom.
It didn't look like this much all separated out & stuffed places.
I collected all the piles & laid them on the bed to start the hanging & folding.

The sad part, or happy party, is that if you looked in my closet you would not have even noticed anything was gone. That's how many clothes I have! 

Post pictures of your adorable dog.
And you don't really have to say anything about pictures of your adorable dog because they speak for themselves.

Or a picture of trees with IV's in them.
It's always good to just post something completely random and strange with no explanation because this draws people in.

Or post about blackberries.
These deliciousnesses are in season now and we are making plans to stalk up.
We bought 4 containers the other day with plans to freeze them.
We can't be blackberry-less come summer time!

Post pictures of your beautiful friends.
People like looking at beautiful people so they will appreciate this.

Post pictures of your hot husband.
Make sure to get one where he has a geeky smirk.
Like the Mona Lisa, people will wonder what this is about. 

Post a picture of a cute baby.
People really like cute babies. 

If all else fails, 
post a picture of your grandpa,
on his birthday!

Remember when I told you it was the week of birthdays yesterday?!
Well, I wasn't lying!
Today is my other grandpa's birthday!
I like to call him grandpa C-sizzle. Or Grandpa Ray. 
A.k.a. Raymond.
My grandpa is amazing. 
We are so, so thankful to call him grandpa. :)
We love him! 
He knows how to take a mean picture. 
{Every family gathering we take a huge, awesome family pic. If you're not there, no need to worry, he'll photo shop you in. ;) }
He's super smart! 
If you have any questions about anything, just ask this guy. 
He'll be sure to steer you in the right direction.
He's a big softie.
Word is that my sister Sophie is melting his heart. :) 
He makes the best hot chocoalte in the entire world!
Every holiday since I can remember was filled with the delicious, spicy, sweetness of that hot chocolate!
He's wonderful.
And I am so thankful he was born! 
Also, he's mexican. I like this fact because I like to brag that my grandpa is Mexican.
 Because then people think that I speak Spanish or have some Mexican in my blood. :) 
Then I'm all mysterious and not just a boring Caucasian.
I might as well have some Mexican in my blood because this guy, aka grandpa, 
is as close to our hearts as any.
And I've ate cactus.. so it's legit. 

My beautiful Grandma & handsome Grandpa
We love you grandpa! Happy Birthday!!!!!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

you crack me up. what the heck is up with those trees with the iv's, you totally got me hooked?!

April Robert said...

That sounds like a great green juice. Thanks for sharing. P.S. Nice light shot of your grandpa.

Aanie @ The Active Mum said...

Happy bday to your Grandpa! And yep - I'm with Alycia - what on earth are the IV's in the trees about?

Following you via GFC from the Aloha hop! Would love you to visit www.theactivemum.com and follow along if you're intereted!

Hope you have a great day!

Aanie x

Self Sagacity said...

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Shauna Smart said...

Just stopping by from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop and I’m now following your blog on GFC & Bloglovin. Would love if you’d follow back if you enjoy cooking and recipes The Best Blog Recipes.

The Best Blog Recipes

ShaunaQ said...

Wow! your pictures of your travels are amazing!!! I'm following you from the Aloha Friday bloghop and i'm so glad because I'm loving the pictures!

And are those blackberries really $17??? Tell me there is some kind of conversion that makes those NOT $17 American dollars!


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