Chara Kisses

I know some people have this thing about letting dogs lick their face.
As in, they don't like it or get grossed out by dogs licking their face.

I get it.

But I like it.
Chara can instantly put me in a good mood by licking my face.
Sometimes... okay most days.. I just lay down on the floor and she attacks me with love.
And I heart it.
It's an anxiety reliever and a mood booster. Almost instantly.
And I just feel.... free. Joyful. Praising God.
All that from that crazy happy dog licking my face.

I know. I know. It's gross.

But I don't care. :)
That's right.
I let that tongue like my face.

That's all I have for you today friend.
Just my gross, weird stress reliever.

Be sure to check back tomorrow! I'm co-hosting the Aloha Blog Hop!

So what do you think.
Am I a sicko? 
Or do you like those big wet doggy kisses, too?


juliette said...

i just threw up a little in my mouth

Ruthie Hart said...

look at that tongue!!!!!!!!

Natashalh said...

Hehe - puppy! Love it! Great photo, I never have much luck capturing my dogs.


Jessica Dy said...

hahaha! Following from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop :) Ni Hao and Howdy! Spent a little bit of time there and am currently in TX :)

The Wondering Brain

Alaina Bullock said...

Hi! New follower via Bloglovin from the Aloha hop! Love a follow back! Thanks!
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Marisa Garcia said...

I am a new follower from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop! Thanks for co-hosting this party! I love your Blog! I'm following you via GFC and Bloglovin
I hope that you will visite my blog and that you will considere to follow me back!
Marisa from

Claire Justine said...

Arr great picture, thanks for hosting the hop,new follower by GFC :)http://www.clairejustineoxox.com/2013/04/windy-shopping-days-and-school-holiday.html

smk053078 said...

No, silly! You are not a sicko!! That's your baby!! :) Gotta love those kisses! And thank you for the SWEET comment today! You made my day! xoxo

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