A Black Out

Right now we are sitting in Starbucks & there was a black out.
As in, all the lights & electricity shut off.
I feel this automatic closeness to everyone here right now.
It’s like we’re all apart of something. We’re all sitting in the dark at Starbucks. So ya, we are apart of something.
But it feels like more than that. Like we’re apart of some great story. This one time, we hung out in Starbucks for an hour, in the dark. It was awesome! 
Okay it’s kind of a lame story.
But still doesn’t take away from my nostaligia.
I started thinking. There have been like legit blackouts in New York City. Right?
Any one been apart of one of those?
I read about Julie Powell's experience in Julie and Julia. It sounded fun.
I bet that WAS really fun.
Just you and your friends or fam, by candlelight, laughing & telling stories. Probably drinking too much wine & eathing too much food. Because hell, the city has shut down & it feels like a time to celebrate.
Work was probably cancelled the next day because everyone stayed up way too late. And then, it’d be like a holiday the next day, too.

I’m sure it was just an awesome, forced, escape from the trappings of this world in the form of electricity, to enjoy the simpler things in life. Stories for year’s to come probably began something like this,  “During the 1999 black out…..”

I’m sure it was not very fun AT All for those people stuck on the Subway or people miles from home during the black out. Also, in the middle of the winter. That would be no fun.
But that’s beside the point.

Now, as I sit here, 30 minutes into my nostalgic blackout, it’s getting cold in Starbucks.
And I’m really craving a nonfat sugar free green tea latte. But the espresso machine runs on electricity.
And I’d really like to publish this. But the internet is down.

Electricity. Please come back on.

Update** It just came back on. And people let out bursts of happiness & cheer. And Zachary just said, “It seems different than before the lights went out.” It is Zachary. It is.


April Robert said...

We're they serving drinks in the blackout? I am surprise they didn't close it.

Catherine said...

hahaha... Awesome!!! :)

Blubtrflygrl said...

I was living in NYC during their last blackout. A crazy time!! I remember ordering pizza because they were the only places open to get food because their ovens still worked.

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