Say What Kid?!

So there's this one boy, let's call him....Jake 
{because..well that's his name... but "let's call him...." sounds way better starting a story. I should really not give away my tricks all of the time. It makes them lame. Probably because they already were lame, even before I told you. }.

He's a grade 1 student that likes to run around the entire class.
He has no idea nor does he care that all his peers are sitting nicely, learning, reading, writing, whatever.
He could care less, really. 
Everyone, including teachers and headmasters in the school, know this.
Everyone just knows, there is no taming, reigning in or controlling Jake.
So, he's allowed to aimlessly roam the school {or the building over, the high school--We've all seen him there at least 3 times}, leave class as he pleases, and do whatever he pleases while in class.

It's the ideal situation for Jake, really.

Sometimes, it surprises me,  that when you get Jake one on one that he can actually have a "real" conversation with thought out ideas and opinions. 

Like today for example. 
One of my co-teachers' asked Jake if he thought the other teacher had a boyfriend. 
His reply, 
"No, she's too fat." 
{Mind you, she's not AT ALL fat, though she thinks so. She has a nice slim, muscular build.} 

So then we ask him about another teacher in the room.
He replies, "No, because she wears glasses."
So she took off her glasses and he said, "She has too many pimples." 

So, then the teachers asked, "What about Heather Teacher?"

{I was thinking, those jerks! Don't bring me into this. 'Please don't say too fat. Please don't say too fat.'}

To which he stared at me a long time, his little critical mind turning, and finally he replied, 
"To many pimples."
Say what?! 
Not to brag or anything but I barely, rarely have pimples kid. 
{okay. Maybe I do sometimes. But not enough for this kid to notice!}
So, basically I told him that. 
And so he changed his mind and said I probably didn't have a boyfriend because of my "curly hair." 

Okay. Thanks kid.

So, then we asked about another teacher in the room and he looked at her quickly and said,
"No because her hair is curly and she has bad teeth." 

Meanwhile, the Chinese staff think this is hi-lar-ri-ious.
I mean who wouldn't think so? 
Some know it all 6 year old just reduced you to a boyfriend-less hag by your appearance. 

We asked him what girl could meet his very high standards.
Any one in your class?

Apparently all his classmates are way too young for him.
Because he said he has his eye on his friend, a high school girl.

Congratulations girl.
You must look perfect. 

{Because I'm terrible about just leaving things sarcastic & light hearted}
1. Kids can be jerks. Especially if they are not taught to behave & view people respectfully.
2. I didn't think this was hysterical. Call me too serious, whatever.
3. I DO think its funny when kids just say the random, no filter, no social norm, honest truth, stuff. 
I like that. 
 But I think kids should be taught, when things are inappropriate or rude and how to handle or communicate what they are thinking.
Sure let Jake think I'm a pimple covered zombie, BUT teach him how to keep those thoughts to himself.
4. The saying, "If you don't have something nice to say than don't say it at all" does not apply in this country. 
5. We will, by God's grace, teach our sons to honor and respect women, not critically inspect them. 
And now, let me introduce you to the lovely, Chelsea!

I love Chelsea. I feel a kinship to her. For one, she lives in the fabulous Korea. Our former abode. So she just "gets" all those "living in Asia" stories & daily life stuff, that other people don't get all the details of. Second, she teaches Asian ESL students. Again, she just gets it.
And third, she does all the stuff I want to do and helps me write my travel lists by looking at her blog. :) I like to vicariously live through her and her riding elephant, touching tigers, having a car in Asia, adventures.
Check out her blog friends! 
If you love to travel or reading about others travels, or lives abroad, you'll love it!


Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

I agree with you...not funny at all! I work with special needs students with autism who don't understand social cues, etc. and I still teach them what things are appropriate to say, even though they may have a harder time understanding it.

lost in travels said...

ooooooh man... gotta love those kiddos : ) i still can't believe how blunt they are!
thanks for the mention!

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