The Bird Flu

The bird flu is taking over Hong Kong and Shanghai.
Taking over might be extreme.
But still it's spreading around down there.
It's a strange thing to me to be in parts of the world where flus take over.
Much less bird flus.
{Chill out family. It's not in Qingdao.}
Ya. I wrote this a few days ago.

It's official.
Someone went to the hospital in Qingdao
Dun. dun. dun.

Bird Flu.
As Zachary said today, "The bird flu has arrived!"

So naturally, with my anxiety disordered self,
{not the mention the hypochondriac gene of my..cough cough...mother}
I had all the symptoms of bird flu by lunch.

No need to fear people.
I forced Zachary to buy me a new thermometer a few days ago, so I'll be checking my temperature not sporadically. What's the opposite of sporadically? Often! Often. 
I'll be checking my temperature often.
The bird flu is taking over my brain.

On a much happier and more exciting note, this is the week of birthdays!

Today is my Papa's birthday. You may remember reading about his casa, here.
We LOVE going to his house.
It's a getaway. A break from the modern, fast pace cities & lives we live in.
At his house, you don't have to put on make up. You don't have to dress up. You can just be.
And relax. And fourwheel. And catch daddy long legs.
It's wonderful.

Meet Papa. Aka. Ted. :)
He is the youngest of 7. 8? Maybe 9.
He was born in this house, which he still lives in today. It's over 100 years old.
His daddy was a preacher & his momma was an amazing house wife.
My Papa grew up fast, started working at a young age, and became a tug boat captain.

Fun facts about my grandpa.
He's missing a few fingers! Being a captain of a huge boat with huge ropes can be dangerous! Especially if your fingers get caught in the ropes!
He calls soda, soda water.
He ALWAYS stocks his candy bowel for us. :)

My Papa is the sweetest. He has the most caring, loving and kind heart. We are so very blessed to have him as our grandpa!

Happy Birthday Papa! We love you!!


Blubtrflygrl said...

Hope you don't get sick! We had the stomach virus last week in our house, as did everyone who joined us for Easter, and now the rest of our relatives. It was the worst 24 hours of my life.

April Robert said...

I was going to just avoid chicken. Pork is good too!

lost in travels said...

hope you guys stay well!

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