Life Lately

Happy Monday friends & family!! 
I miss you.
I miss this little ole' blogging space. 
Also, can I just say to all followers, new & old, 
I'm so glad you're here. 
And now for a bunch of pictures, because it's been awhile since I've bombarded you with random pictures of our life, and I know you're missing it. ;) At least our moms are. 
Aren't these flowers beautiful?? 
Zachary and I bought these together and I am pretty sure I could not stop smiling the entire way home holding them in my hand. 
They just made me feel excited & joyful & full of praise! 
God is sooooo creative! I love all the vibrant colors.
Oh you know. Just Chara enjoying a fresh coconut.
We decided to try some "exotic" fruit, minus the strawberries, but we bought them in China, does that make them exotic? Probably not since everything is made in China these days. 
Chara got the coconut, since neither of us for our lives could figure out how to easily scoop the meat out without chopping our hand in half.
We also tried some star fruit, which was blah, no real flavor, and some jack fruit, which was...strange. 
It has this weird fleshy texture, eh? Any one tried it?
Chara's been having some attention issues lately. We have no idea why. 
If she is not getting attention at every second of the day, she does something really naughty, like pull up Zachary's plant, and then makes it really obvious to us so that we will respond with attention.
Teenager much?
The other day she came and lovingly put her face in my lap while I was blogging.
When she moved her face she revealed this goodness. 
Dirt. All over my pants. Dirt on my pants, dirt on her face.
Attention hog.
How cute is this, Silas? He LOVES climbing on Zachary's guitar face, and equally loved cheesing it up in my hat. I took my hat back, and he kept putting his hands up to get it back. Adorable.
Zachary. Just precious. :) Happy for Easter! {Yes. Yes I am just now posting pictures from Easter.}
You already saw these cuties here. 
What Easter Sunday lunch looks like in China! 
Lots of delicious goodness!
Zachary & his brother, soulmate :), CJ.
Some of my 3 favorite people in China!
Abigail & I. Abigail mid-talking. :)
Lemon Beef from one of our new favorite Yunan restaurant. 
Yunan is a province in South China.

Justin, one of our sweet students, went hiking & brought cherry blossoms back for me. :)
They are so beautiful! And he called yesterday to say he cut me some more!! :)

And there you have it.
Our life {a month ago} in pictures. :) 

Love you guys.
Peace out. :)


Areeba said...

Beautiful pictures. The star fruit and jack fruit are so common here in south asia. Your dog is so adorable!

Living in Another Language said...

I would like to steal your dog please. I miss big dogs! And I love your fruit plate. My husband thinks I'm crazy for eating a huge plateful every day. :)

Amanda | Living in Another Language

April Robert said...

what kind of fruit is that green star shape?

Michiko said...

Great pics! You all look so happy!

Following from the Aloha Friday blog hop. Please stop by and say hi! Thanks.

Michiko @ www.theressomethingaboutmichiko.com

lost in travels said...

awe i LOVE those flowers! i need to go get some fresh ones for our apartment. it automatically makes it feel like spring! glad you're back to blogging dear : )

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