Meet Porto

We've added another member to our family. 
This firey, ball of fishness.
After much deliberation & searching through Greek and Hebrew words, 
we decided on Porto. 
Why? Because it's the root of portakalis, which is orange and green.
And portokalis reminds us of one of our favorite movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
"And so.
Our orange fish.
His name.
There you go."
{please read this in an awesome Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding accent}

Porto was a total surprise for me. 
I came home to this lovely set up on the table.
 'Of all the fish in the sea You're the one for me!" 
How cute is that guys? 
Husband is the best. So sweet and thoughtful. I love him!
 Little Porto swimming in his bowl.
I immediately let Porto know who I was. 
"I'm your mommy!" 
You know. Just giving our new fish child a kiss. Well actually just giving his fish bowl a kiss. 
But same diff.
{I'm kissing fish! I swear I don't have baby fever!}

We are loving our new little pet. :)
Chara likes him, too.
I let her sniff his bowl for a while. 

Do you have a fish?
What's its name?


Areeba said...

Welcome Porto. It's such a cute gift :)

Living in Another Language said...

This is the cutest, most thoughtful gift ever! The hubs should be getting husband points for this. I love the name! Cute little fish.

Amanda|Living in Another Language

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

So cute! We have two fish - London and Paris. My oldest named them. Maybe these are places she wants to visit. :)

Beka said...

This is so cute!!! I love the history of Porto's name!

lost in travels said...

what a sweet gift! he gets extra brownie points right? i love the background to his name too! how unique!

April Robert said...

Super romantic Zac!!!!

Chelsea Phelps said...

I am excited to have found your blog! I blog over at http://anchorsaweigh-ouradventure.blogspot.com/ and look forward to following along in your journey! My husband is in the Navy and I am so hoping to move somewhere exotic and different for a few years! Love that you are getting to experience life somewhere so neat!



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