The Answer to Peeing in China

A friend of mine, Holly, graciously sent me this link after reading my post about bathrooms in China. 

If you haven't read it or need some refreshing you can find that post here. 

Check out this video!

What do you guys think? 
Should I get a Shewee to avoid squatty potties in China? 

 Maybe we should get a stock for all our female friends and family who visit. 

Haha. I think it's hilarious!! 

What color?? So hard to choose!

I looked on their website and they also have shorts you can wear (see behind her) that has a little sac, so you don't even have to stop and pee. AND they even sale extension cords! Bahaha.

It is pretty funny and I don't think I'd ever actually use one but I must say I can see MANY circumstances, especially over seas, where this Shewee might just be the best invention ever! (besides the internet...and cell phones...and electricity...okay not the best ever.. but useful. ;) ) 

If your interested in checking it out more, 
here's the US website, 


shelly said...

That is hilarious !! I vote on the pink! It's more natural!! Baahaaaa !! Jeff said it is gross and nasty!!

Carolyn said...

Yep! There's the answer to the cleanliness issue in restrooms over there. I sure could have used one of those on past camping trips. lol Thanks for sharing. I like the pink one also.

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