The Office

We love The Office! We have watched every episode consecutively multiple times and we never get sick of it. It's just hilarious.

I totally get how someone can watch it only once or twice, in the middle of a season, and not like it/get it. But if you start from the beginning and get to know each character as they develop, it's amazing.

Our actual life probably contains way too many Office references and quotes. And we may sometimes talk about the characters, too much. We are quite aware it's just a TV show but it does add some extra light heartedness to our often serious lives, which makes it feel more apart of us. (Sounds extremely lame.)

We have yet to find a television series that is as funny as The Office. But we have found some shows that are also quite good and funny, such as; Modern Family, Community, Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development.
But none of those shows have as many laugh out loud moments or as many beloved characters as The Office, in our opinion.

If you haven't watched The Office, we highly recommend it. A few tips; the majority of the hilariousness of The Office is visual, so it's not a good show to watch while doing other things. (Unless you've watched it a million times and can listen to it and visualize in your head what's happening, like I now can. ;p)
Also, it gets more and more funny the more you watch it.

Here's a few shots of some favorite Michael faces. I didn't get all the best of his faces though. I just watched the show through our camera and clicked when Michael was on screen. Haha. I know. Have a life, much?
A quick glimpse at how Michael Scott makes the warehouse 'snow' and attempts to use a FORK LIFT....and the aftermath of such an attempt.

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shelly said...

I haven't watched it since he left the show! Just watch the reruns?

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