Chara's Play Date

We're calling this gang of pups the Lu Xin Chang Chuen Ji Mao Gang (Spring Garden (our apartment complex) Golden Retriever Gang). Haha.

Chara has been warming up more to these boys (they're all boys)lately.

If you've read previous posts, we've been quite worried that she was a bit snobby. She usually just stares past other dogs, even if they whimper to play, but goes crazy for humans. We were worried we had raised her to think she was a human!

We were so excited to find this group of dogs, that have wonderful owners who take them out to play together everyday at 3 pm. So, we've been trying to take Chara out to play with them, too, so she can learn some "dog stuff" and make friends.

The first day she sat on a ledge, away from them, very princess like, as they all wrestled each other. When one of the dogs would come and try to sit on the ledge with her, she would walk backwards pushing them off! We were a little worried about her making friends! We gave her a long speech about being nice to others but I'm not sure if she understood. ;) (No, but really. We did talk to her about this ;P)
After the first few times of playing and some human encouragement (like running around and letting her chase us with the dogs) she seems to be warming up nicely to them.


But even while playing you can still definitely, see the spoiled Chara there, too.

Like, she'll be soooo thirsty but refuses to drink out of their water bowels for some reason. She just sniffs it and keeps walking but the second we give her her bowel she drinks it! Geesh! Spoiled.

And she still has yet to join in on the wrestling.

Can you blame her? Look at those teeth! They are awesome wrestlers. They throw each other in the air and then down on to the ground! It's like watching lions. Chara just ignores this behavior and walks around them.

We are thankful for this gang of dogs to provide our girl-dog with some company!

****Speaking of gangs of adorable golden retrievers, check out this link that our friend from Korea, Amanda, forwarded to me! It's a live cam of 6 golden retriever puppies!
I seriously can't stop watching it!
                      They are just sooo cute!

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