Tuesday Tidbits

It's another Tuesday! We've had a busy week this past week!
We've had lots of dinners with friends, hung out at friends houses, started back working (all of which we don't have pictures for, sorry!) and had some fun adventures, too!

  • Josh has a car this week so we all did some exploring. I loved riding in a car with English music playing and the windows down! Man, it really made me miss driving! Also a fun thing about driving, drive-thrus! We found probably the only drive thru in Qingdao, a lone McDonald's drive through! We ordered hamburgers and fries! Funny story about the fries, none of us knew how to say french fries in Chinese so Josh tried explaining. In Chinese he said, "hen (very) duo (many) xiao (little) tou dou (potato) dongxi (stuff)." So basically he said that we wanted "many little potato stuff." They must have understood what he was saying though because we still got fries! 

  • We enjoyed dinner at Jessica's house this week with Matthias, Josh and our new friend Effe! Marrick (found out how to spell his name, correctly! Thanks Jess! I hope this is the right way..now I can't remember!) was a cutie pie, as always, dancing to Carrie Underwood. He seemed to really like her. 

  • As you probably already saw, Josh's birthday was this past Friday! We provided him with lots of superman themed fun stuff! Like an awesome cake, cards with Josh's face on superman and a cape! Happy 32nd Joshua! 
  • I took Zachary to the swimming pool this week to try to convince him we should get a pool card! We had fun swimming together and check out how adorable he looks in a swim cap. 
  • For Josh's birthday we ate at Sitting Bull, which has been on my list of places I wanted to try in Qingdao. It's a new restaurant that serves ribs and corn bread. They slow cook their ribs for 24 hours! The menu was super simple, ribs! The only choices you have to make is which sauce you want, which was a hard decision because they all looked so good! The ribs were so tender! It came with a potato, potato soup and salad. And of course we had to order some corn bread. Which was amazing! I'm sure you already read Zachary's love for cornbread on Joshua's birthday post. 

  • We went to Stationary Street this week. It took us two hours in traffic to find it but alas we did! I was excited to buy more paint and canvas for the house. And the guys enjoyed posing with the giant crayons and Stationary Street sign.

  • We visited the famous Taidong Walking Street Night Market. There are rows upon rows of things to buy and eat. I bought some new flats! 

  • Near Taidong Walking Street we found Qingdao's Walmart. Most of you know we chose to not shop at Walmart but we were still excited to take pictures! Have you ever been to a 3 floor Walmart with escalators??

  • Chara is doing well and super happy! She is so lovey-dovey this week! 

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!! 
Miss you and love you!


Carolyn said...

Great post, Heather! You have indeed had quite a busy week. Seems like so much fun. You and Zach look great in the swimming caps! Hope you get to enjoy the pool more often and even get a membership, if possible. Swimming is very relaxing, as you know.

The little guy is so cute, and your Chara is beautiful. Know that Josh is a blessing to you both. Would love to meet him sometime.

Loved all the pictures. McD's and Walmart! A little bit of home. At least you got a good picture from the 3rd floor of Walmart! :) Ribs looked great! Can you tell that I am hungry?

Our week is going well. Gpa has been quite busy with planning an luncheon event for church pastors who are in our Gideon Camp boundry, and we are also combining with two other camps, so there will be approx. 150 pastors/Gideons there. He is quite good at the orginational part. We, the Auxiliary (wives) will help with the decorating. Distributions on UT Campus coming soon. Exciting times!

Sophie got larger car seats this week! We bought three as we (Mom, Jeff, and I) each needed one for our vehicles. She is growing so fast and I am sure you have seen her little teeth. She will be walking before long. Such fun.

Have fun at school and remember that you are there for a purpose. I love your smile and know the children do/will also. Take care and keep writing. Stay well. Love you so much and many prayers. Gma C.

shelly said...

Love your Tuesday Tidbits! I hope you talked Zach into the swimming pass!! Can't wait till I don't have a hole in my body anymore and can go swimming again! I would swim every day if I could! You were like a little fish from the time you could walk!! Water is so relaxing ! Love seeing merrick! He is so cute! That is cool y'all got to explore in the car! So what were the tunes you listened to? Ribs looked really yummy! And Bp and salad too!! What were the sauce choices? Did you buy anything at Walmart ? That is awesome it is 3 stories. Is it way bigger than ours or the same size just stacked up? Did you make Joshes cake? Hope you have a good day!! I love you! Love Zach too!! Your mommy

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