What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?

Hey all! Just finished reading this awesome article by Shane Claiborne. Shane is one of our all time favorite authors. He's an amazing guy that loves Jesus and lives like it. He's a social activist in Philly, grew up in Tennessee with a deep Southern accent, has awesome dreads, worked with Mother Teresa, in a leper colony, and has totally awesome pants that have pockets to hold bubbles and markers while he plays with kids in his neighborhood after school. One of my favorite things about him is that he seems to put into words, so eloquently and humbly, all the things that are racing through my mind and Zachary and I's convos each day. Enjoy.

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Carolyn said...

Good article. Thanks for sharing. He makes so many valid points. Loving others as Jesus did should be our desire. Not just those like us, but especially those who aren't. Mother Teresa was a shining example of that type of love. Works aren't the answer, but as Christians, giving, serving, and loving should be second nature to the faith that we posses and practice. Praying that I get better in this regard as time goes on. Love you lotzzzzz. G'ma. Carolyn

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