Joshua's Birthday @ Sitting Bull

Introducing..Super Josh

My "Brozin" Josh celebrated his 32nd birthday in Qingdao. We had a great time celebrating with him...enjoying some crazy good ribs and corn bread.

We decided to go with the Superman theme because Josh is a super friend. He loves people so well. He is also a bigger Superman nerd than myself. I am blessed to have him as my friend and pray God blesses his life richly. Check out the cake we made! We were pretty proud of it and Josh loved it!

Do you see the resemblance?
Sherry gave Josh a clay figurine of himself as Superman. A truly awesome gift and it was exactly in theme with the rest of the party. We didn't collaborate, awesome. 
 Heather and Sherry
 Jason, A former student of Josh
Awesome ribs. They were so tender. They came with a side salad and potato on the side. It was a little pricy 128RMB/per person. 

PS. No pic for the cornbread
But it deserves the space to be remembered.
"Cornbread oh cornbread,
How soft, how warm, 
how sweet and buttery is your taste."

   Super Josh Swoops
    Super breaths to blow out the fire,
                     Super Josh Saves The Day!!                    

Wow..that was yummy. 

Happy Birthday Josh!!

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