1 Week till our BACK TO SCHOOL

Next Monday our school year will have officially started!
Some of you know I wasn't feeling very excited/motivated to go back to school {let's be real, I'm on vacation! Who wants that to end?} but seeing all the adorable pictures of kids I love going back to school in the States made me super pumped! Here's some of my favorites!
I was there the day this little guy was born and now he's in Kindergarten! His mamma, Danielle, is one of my oldest friends and we might quite possibly,somehow, have the same blood because this girl is my sister, without a doubt.
Best part about Braesyn's first day at school--He's going to school at Faubion! Danielle and I's old stomping grounds! :)
Hope your day was fabulous Braesyn!

Ephraim and Joshua.
These two handsome boys are the funniest kids you'll ever meet! They say the most hilarious things and are just plain adorable.
Their mom, Shelli, is our good friend, and I nannied for her in college. Zachary and I miss the day hanging out with these two, and you Shell!
Hope your day was awesome Effe and Josh!

This beauty was the flower girl in our wedding. 
She's grown up so much! She stared middle school yesterday! Crazy! 
I also babysat her and her siblings for a summer. 
Avery, I hope you have a great first day in Middle School! It's exciting and so much better than elementary! 

This is Avery's brother, whom I also babysat. He's so grown! I can remember playing Thomas the train with him 4 years ago! 
Hope you had a great day in 2nd grade Tanner!

I know there were tons more kids, that I love, going to school yesterday but I didn't see their back to school pictures! 
Like my brother and sister, who are going to be seniors this year! And all my cousins going back to school, too.
I love you all! 
And hope you had an awesome day! 

 And now,a little school humor for you.
You always have to love a good sign, living in China.
This reminded me of the sign at our school in Dongying. 
"Return life to children, let campus filled with growp scent!"

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Carolyn said...

Love it! Loved seeing all the pics and comments on FB yesterday, also. See it through the eyes of a child. They are excited and anxious just like most adult employees. Thanks for sharing. Back to duties. Grandpa has played and now needs to go to work. Sophie and I are going to visit your mom at work this morning. Love you. G'ma

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