Sweet Husband

I love being married to such an amazing man.
He loves so well. I am so thankful for you Zachary.
Thank you for continuously pointing me to Jesus.
And telling me I'm beautiful.

I was having a long day Friday and was feeling super tired by the time I got home at 7:30, really not wanting to cook.
I had asked Zachary to go to the grocery store for me to get the list of groceries I texted him, but didn't tell him how I really didn't feel like cooking. Somehow he just knew.
Husbands are good for that. :)

I got home, flustered and bracing myself to start making dinner, turned the corner and saw a dinner already prepared, candles lit and new flowers. :)

                Clams, chicken, salad and bread.
                 Wine and Chocolate. Candles. :)
            He even put You've Got Mail in for after dinner.
Sliced apples, nutella, chocolate chips and a frosting heart. :)      So sweet and thoughtful.

When was the last time you 'romanced' your spouse?

I can tell you first hand, I felt so very loved.
Try romancing your spouse this next week!
I know they'll appreciate it and feel your love.
Happy Romancing!

1 comment :

Carolyn said...

So sweet! So wonderful to see the love you two have for one another. You are blessed. Love you very much.

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