What I Can't Live Without

#Blogtober14 Question: What can't you live without? 

I'm gonna go with "things" instead of people. Because, obviously, before any thing, there are people, and one certain dog, I never want to live without. 

But I'm gonna with the superficial, less serious "what I can't live without" stuff. Also, can we be clear, that I use "can't" very loosely. As I could go without my phone, but really don't want to. :) 
Also, let's just omit all the obvious "things" like conditioner, toothpaste, toilet paper, a bed, etc.
Geesh, why am I taking this so seriously? Surely, no one would read this and think, "Really, you'd choose mascara over toilet paper?!" Trust me, I'd choose toilet paper. Can you believe they used to use corn cobs and shells and other equally uncomfortable stuff before toilet paper came around?!

 10 Things I Can't Live Without
1. Mascara
Because without it I look like a sleeping, zombie. Thank the Lord for mascara. 

2. My el phono. That's my cell phone, to be clear.
It connects me to the world (sort of, since in China, technically I am blocked from connecting alot of the world), it has tons of books that I'm reading on it via Amazon Kindle, it has the Bible I read on it, it has my new game obsession, a Candy Crush knock off, Crazy Kitchen, and it's my link to We Chat, where I get to connect with people from home and Qingdao.

3. Workout clothes. 
I know that's like several items, but we'll put them in one group for these purposes. Work out clothes, including my running shoes. :) I love work out clothes. I would like to live in them all the time. Also, they motivate me! 

4. Walnut bread, with coconut oil, peanut butter, 1/2 a banana and honey. 
Every. single. morning. Obsessed. 

5. Our Mac. 
It's my number one tool for blogging. I've tried blogging on my PC but it's just not the same. The Mac is so easy to use for me, it's fabulous and fast. And just wonderful. Once you go Mac you don't turn back.

6. Our Camera.
Either of our cameras really, our Nikon or our Sony Cyber shot. I just love taking photos.

7. Black Leggings.
It's ridiculous how obsessed I am with wearing black leggings under everything.

8. Our Scooter.
And helmet of course. It's just so fun and easy for us to get around now. I wish we would have bought a scooter years ago. 

9. The Office.
I know that's not a "thing" per say, but I'm gonna list it anyways. I watch The Office basically every day. It's a happy place for me.

10. Apples. Coffee.
I love apples. I try to eat one every day, and not just to keep the doctor away, but because I love them.
I not only LOVE coffee, but actually, I really 'can't' live without it. It's a must, every day. #addicted

Also, please read below, because it seems I need to qualify everything in this post, and make sure everyone doesn't get confused with the things I can't, "can't" and "don't want to" live without.

**Truly, if everything was stripped from me, like it was from Job, I hope and pray that I could respond as Job did, recorded in the Bible.  Job had everything, a big family, tons of wives, tons of children, loved servants,  money and houses and it was all taken away from him. He was stripped of everything he had in this world, but yet, after tearing his clothes and hair in anguish, he fell down to worship, the God 'who gives and takes away.' He worshiped. If everything is stripped from me, I'll be okay. It would be painful, anguishing & heart wrenching, but I'd always, always have my God. I could live without anything but Jesus. **
What 'can't' you live with out??  
This post is for Day 3 of #Blogtober14.
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Alex Messina @ Ali Rose said...

Love that mascara was on your list. If you're ever looking to try new ones I've heard really amazing things about the Loreal Manga mascara (it's supposed to be a drugstore dupe for the Two Faced Better than Sex mascara which I've tried and looove) & I recently COMPLETELY splurged, and am almost embarrassed to admit that I spent $30 dollars on a mascara but I did, on the YSL Babydoll mascara which I had heard nothing but amazing things about it and after having purchased it I won't buy any other ever again it's that good. I know it's completely obnoxious price wise, and it's so frivolous in the grand scheme of things but I have such a weakness for beauty products!

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